Long Distance Relationship: Things You Can Relate to if You've Been in a Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be the hardest thing, agree or disagree? Yet, there are people in this planet who are in long distance relationship and only they are the ones who can understand the joy and sadness attached to this kind of relationships. We have listed down things which every person in a long distance relationship will understand.

The Things Which You Can Only Relate to if You Have Been in a Long Distance Relationship

No matter where you start from, your conversation will soon end in discussing your future. Although it is not possible to keep discussing about your future, after all there is something called uncertainty? 

Sometimes it annoys you and turns you off too but let us admit it later in life you tend to realize that all this planning will help you to build a stronger bond with your partner.

Your gadgets are your only true friend and the moment you lose them you have a feeling that you have lost your heart. After all they are the means of communication between you and your love. 

Your mornings usually with a skype chat, whatsapp or may be also a call. And since you are so glued to your gadgets you will often find your friends or family complaining that you don’t have time for them. Hmmm… sounds familiar right?

Being jealous is an integral part of almost every relationship but in the case of long distance relationship it is even more! And the worst part is that it takes double the effort to ward off the jealousy. 

And the moment jealousy or possessiveness sneaks in there are chances that your phone or your laptop will start buzzing every second making it extremely impossible for you to handle. Arggghh... sometimes it's sickening.

When an important occasion comes up and you can’t make up for the celebration so it makes extremely important for you to book a cake online to make them feel that distance can never come between you love and you care for them too. And don’t forget to add a bunch of flowers or chocolates if you are sending a cake to your girlfriend, trust me she will be truly happy.

Although jealousy and possessiveness can be the negatives attached to long distance relationship but there are some positive things too, you start trusting people even when they are far from you. And once the trust is developed there is absolutely no way that the bond can be broken.

Your friends can be your great enemies in a long distance relationship since you will always find them tell you things like that the guy is just having fun with you or the girl is not all serious thereby seeping in suspicion which is not at all good for your relationship.

Always trust your instincts, I have seen some successful long distance relationships. Everyone has their own love story and its unique. If you encountered bad relationships before that does not mean you will never meet your Mr Right. Remember good times keep it as memories, bad times treat it as lessons. You never lose, you learn. 

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