Online Shopping Made Easier at SGshop

Hey! Get ready to shop online like crazy in this month because the crazy sale is coming. I can feel the heat and everyone is taking about shopping at Taobao. So recently I tried to purchase some clothes and accessories via SGshop, Taobao’s agent in Malaysia. You know what, I bought this Korea Spring 2016 new women's knitted dress for only RM16.33 and some of the prices are unbelievable…

Online Shopping Made Easier

Why should I buy via SGshop?
We all know that is one of the largest e-commerce website that offers great deals and good price. They have many products ranging from household, fashion, beauty, health, you name it they got it. Whenever I open their website I’m tempted to buy but when it comes to transactions I got stuck because I can’t comprehend mandarin and unsure about the certain things especially the payment gateway and forwarding agents.

Why should I buy via SGshop?

Well I am a banana… meaning I don’t understand mandarin and all the transactions in Taoboa are in mandarin. As mentioned when it comes to payment mode I am not too sure which gateway to choose and no idea how which forwarder agent is reliable. That is why I buy through SGshop as the reliable agent for Taobao in Malaysia. If there is anything wrong with my shipment or delays I have a local agent to contact or refer to. All these factors eliminate the hassle and uncertainties. After all, we just want to have a peace of mind and enjoy our shopping right.

How to shop at SGshop? 

How to shop at SGshop?
Here is a simple guide on how you can start your shopping at Taobao via SGshop. You can also refer to as your step by step guide.

1. Register
Register and login your account at SGshop here

SGshop Product Categories

2. Choose Products
You are now on SGshop website which is a mirror site of Taobao but in English version. Browse through and choose the products that you want to buy. Go to “What’s In Store” button on the top left hand corner and choose the Category. For me I will go for Women’s Fashion, than start choosing the products that you want to buy and add to your cart.

3. Confirm Order
Once you have decided all your order, go to your cart and confirm your order.

4. Product Payment
After confirming your order, you need to verify your phone number before proceeding to payment for safety purposes. So key in your phone number, you will receive a verification code. Key in the verification code and submit.

The 1st payment is for Product Price + China Domestic Shipping can be made via PayPal/ Visa/ MasterCard or your SGshop account balance credit. Once payment has been confirmed, processing of your order will commence. Order status will be updated accordingly which will also be dependent on the third party seller that you selected to purchase from.

You can check our order status at your profile page, go to ‘My Order’. Once your products have arrived at the warehouse in China, you can consolidate all and proceed to deliver to your respective mailing address.

5. Delivery Payment
Select the mode of delivery either you go for Express Air, Economy Air, Special Air or Sea Shipping. I chose Economy Air and I received my parcel in good condition within 4 working days.

Once we have confirmed with the mode of delivery than we will be required to make the 2nd Payment for International Shipping Fee + Service Charge + Clearance Fee online. This payment to be made to SGshop and once payment is done, the product will then be shipped to your door step.

6. Confirm Received
Once you have received your parcel and order accordingly and in good condition you can now click Confirm Received.

Online Shopping Made Easier with SGshop

Aright that’s about Online Shopping Made Easier with SGshop. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience. There is no hassle at all throughout the whole transaction. And the parcel was delivered to my door step according to the time frame.

SGshop Malaysia
Hotline: 1-700-81-8315


  1. Awh Kels you look so pretty! Plus for that pricing, the outfit looks amazing on you. Plus I do agree with SGShop, Tabao is now much easier to access without much hassle. Thumbs up! :)

  2. Didn't know about this SGshop until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  3. I love your dress... I have bought many things there too, dresses, blouses, jeggings and now phone covers.. waiting for my phone covers to arrive but it is gonna be a bit of a wait.. huhuhu


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