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Another TV Series from US, i only follow those tv or drama series from US or Korean. The rest I am not familiar or maybe they dont spark my interest. Here is Monster Man tv series from US. This series goes behind the scenes of one of Hollywood's most respected monster prop building workshops. For more than thirty years, when studios want a bizarre creature or out-of-this world alien, they've turned to Cleve Hall and his very unique family business. Only the horrifying monsters they build match the craziness of this extremely talented family. 

Follow Cleve Hall, his daughters Constance and Elora Hall, his ex-wife Sonja Maddox-Hall, best friends Roy Knyrim and Johnny Saiko, as well as office manager Cindy Miller, as they bring the movie world's most imaginative creatures to life.

Monster Man Episode Summary

Episode #1 – Seeing Double
You will be introduced to the very colourful cast of characters from SOTA FX, as Cleve and the team face a dual challenge. First famed “Friday the 13 Cunningham demands that Cleve and company conjure up conjoined twins that tear apart for his next feature film. If building this complex appliance for an A-lister isn’t enough, creature feature makers at The Asylum ask Cleve to build a terrorizing twoheaded shark – and how does Cleve find inspiration for a two-headed shark? Well, by literally swimming in shark-infested waters.

Episode #2 – Forbidden Werewolf
In episode two, the SOTA team must juggle two demanding, high profile clients at once. In just one week, they face the daunting task of building a unique werewolf monster for the upcoming creature feature Hallow Points, as well as executing an outlandish makeup effect for director Richard Elfman’s sequel to his 1981 cult classic, Forbidden Zone. Adding to the pressure, Richard’s daughter-in-law, actress Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg, Friends with Benefits), drops by the shop to check out how the build is coming along

Episode #3 – Monster Infestation
An infestation of monster proportions crawls through the door at SOTA FX as 2 bug movies find their way in. Hellraiser II director Tony Randel comes to Cleve for a biomechanical pest with blood curdling intentions while an up-and-coming director is in need of some Devilish ants with explosive personalities. The team works to bring together something truly original, but the clock is ticking and the results go up in a fiery blaze.

Episode #4 – Between Arachnid and a Hard Place
The ongoing war between digital and practical effects culminates in an onset battle of creation for Cleve and the SOTA team. Indie director Mike Mendez stops in for his giant creature feature Mega Spider and Cleve finds himself fighting to keep his handmade arachnids in the film. Adding to the fray, Cleve gives his daughter Constance a chance to helm her own project for the upcoming movie Pretties for You. Both father and daughter face an epic time crunch to get everything done and win the day for practical effect. 

Episode #5 – Wee Boots
Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña of Jackass fame approaches SOTA to help make a large-brained alien for a '50s camp-style alien movie that he is making. DreamWorks then has SOTA make a pair of 12-foot foam boots for the premiere of the Dreamworks movie, Puss in Boots.

Episode #6 – Devoman vs. Clevezilla
On the season finale, stakes run high for Cleve and the team as the iconic 80s band Devo asks Roy to direct their latest music video entitled, "Monster Man." A massive inshop collision culminates between Cleve and Cindy when pressure builds to deliver the best for this high-profile job. To make matters worse, Cleve brings in diva-designer Tuck Porter to help with the build, causing relations in the shop to boil over. Will the Sota team be able to create an earth-shattering monster, or will this be the final undoing of this once-fabled fabrication shop?

Monster Man Cast

Cleve Hall
Cleve Hall is the face and master of the operation, having been in the prop design game since he was a teenager. He has created masterpieces for countless movies for big studios including Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Disney, and numerable television programs. Monsters are his specialty, which fits the personality of a man who dresses in all black and drives a hearse. In the '90s, with the advent of CGI, the world of creature effects changed forever. Many shops closed as most of the hand-made effects were now produced digitally. Cleve and others, however, never felt that these creatures looked real and continued to create Monsters of Flesh (Rubber) and Blood (Karo Syrup). With fewer films using physical effects, Cleve expanded his client base to include kid shows such as Yo Gabba Gabba, for which he received an Emmy Nomination.  He also began working with rock bands such as KISS, creating Gene Simmons's Demon Armor for each tour, as well as groups such as Insane Clown Posse, Alice Cooper, Tenacious D and DEVO.

Constance Hall
Constance Hall is the daughter of Cleve Hall. She works with her dad in the family's monster prop shop business.  With orders coming in at a dizzying pace, Cleve has to rely on someone he can trust to help him come up with his creations. There's no one he trusts more with his business and his art than his daughter. Cleve is the first to tell anyone that Constance is the real mastermind behind the monster-making enterprise, managing every detail of operations and lending her own artistry to the creations.

Roy Knyrim
Roy Knyrim is the owner and boss of the shop. Having worked together for over 15 years, Roy and Cleve have a unique working relationship. Even though they are close friends, they butt heads on a daily basis. Where Cleve is a creative spirit, Roy is a businessman with a Type A personality and temper to match.

Sonia Maddox-Hall
Cleve's ex-wife. Enough said. How they suffer through working together is a mystery, even to the both of them, but they somehow make it work. Sonia could not be more different than Cleve: Entirely inartistic and (relatively) sane. She does all the grunt work to make sure the job gets done, and does her best to keep Cleve and the team on task.

Elora Hall
Elora is Cleve and Sonia's other daughter, and she and Constance are as different as night and day. In this family of black sheep, Elora has been nicknamed the "White Sheep." How she managed to turn out so normal growing up in this strange family is anybody's guess, but she's just working in the shop to save enough money to finish college and start life in a more normal line of work.

Johnnie Saiko
Cleve and Johnnie have been friends for longer than either of them can really remember. Johnnie is a jack-of-all-trades who Cleve relies on to help out artistically or to run errands at a moment's notice. But for the most part, his primary job is to keep everyone entertained with his hilarious, outgoing personality.

Cindy Miller
Cindy is the co-owner, shop's office coordinator and Roy's right hand woman.  She keeps the freight train on the tracks no matter how chaotic a job gets.  She got her start in the effects world while working as a manager at BlockBuster Video.  There, she met Visual FX Producer Tom Rainone and convinced him to hire her as his Coordinator. After working for Tom for several years, she met Roy Knyrim of SOTA F/X and began working there in 2001. She and Roy quickly became best friends, and romantically involved. They have been together ever since. When not in the shop, Cindy hangs out at home with Roy and her four kids, five dogs, and three cats.

Hill Vinot

While most children were drawing trains and flowers, Hill Vinot had a penchant for penning monsters out of his Mom's basement in Jefferson City, Tennessee.  He moved to Louisiana to become a street artist, but decided that he'd rather see his twodimensional creations come to life and earned a degree in electronics and robotics.  Hill moved his talents to Hollywood 15 years ago and hasn't looked back, earning screen credits forIron Man II, Real Steel, The Last Samurai, Blade II, Nip / Tuck, Invasionand many, many more.  Hollywood now knows, if you need it drawn, sketched, sculpted, molded or welded, Hill IS the fabricator for you.

Monster Man

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