HGC by Vgen Enhanced Skin Glow & Moisture Review

After a month with HGC by V-gen complete lightening formula oral supplement. I can see my skin glow gradually and also not so yellowish. I have dry, dehydrated and dull skin, by taking this HGC powder mixed with water every morning it helps to moistures my skin as well as even out my skin tone.

As you can also see the changes it in my previous post HGC by V-gen Moisturizes Flaky Skin. HGC is a oral skincare supplement specially formulated to positively impact your skin health and beauty using multi pathways. It combines 3 of the most vital skin rejuvenating factors namely Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and L-Gluthathione from Japan, in just the right proportion. This palatable proprietary blend which comes in a 3g sachet is purpoted to be consumed directly for your convenience and ease.

For more information please visit HGC Website http://v-gen.webs.com

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