Balik Kampung, Selamat Jalan & Pandu Cermat

This is the time we all nak Balik Kampung beraya. Have you pack your barang-barang oredi? Baju raya, kuih raya and don’t forget duit raya also. If no duit raya later the children will merajuk. Eh! Not only the malay, many of us also take the opportunity of this long holiday to go back our hometown or go holiday. To all my friends who is driving back to their hometown I wish you all Selamat Jalan & Pandu Cermat. May you reach your destination safely & stay calm when you stuck in the jam… muahaha

festive wishes, Balik Kampung, Selamat Jalan, Pandu Cermat, hari raya

Me? I might be going for a short break and relax in Malaysia, just cuti-cuti Malaysia je la… where to go huh? Raya please invite me to your open house, I want to eat rendang, lontong and ketupat ~ sesi menternak lemak mak ooiii

Oh oh oh... Balik Kampung so Stay calm & drive carefully my friends 
Selamat Jalan from Miss Sunshine 

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