Car Service & Maintenance Issues: Find the Right & Trustable Car Workshops & Mechanics using Carama by Castrol

Car Service & Maintenance Issues: Find Trustable Car Workshops & Mechanics using Carama Castrol I hate the sick feeling that when I was slaughtered by car workshops. That happened a few times during my uni days, that time I was so potato when my car breakdown I easily panicked & trust people arghh don’t mention the sad times. Ever feel like you’re not sure if the workshop you’re going to is the best choice for your car? Or if you’re paying the right price? Or if that particular repair is really needed? We all need a workshop that we can trust in terms of quality, mechanics skills and transparency in paying the right price.

These are some of the Car service problems in Malaysia:

1. I do not know if I’m paying the right price for my car servicing.
Malaysians are skeptical when it comes to price when they service their car. There is not a lot of information available on products and service price, and may feel that they are overpaying.

2.  I do not know whether my car mechanic is trusted or not.
Many Malaysians do not know a lot about the local workshops and mechanics in their city or town; there is low visibility of their presence or their specialty. Because of this, there is a trust deficit amongst Malaysians for car mechanics. While some would seek the advice of their friends for trusted workshops, others continue to go back to their same mechanic even if they do not specialize in their car.

3. I have very limited knowledge about car servicing.
There’s a lack of knowledge among most and often would trust their mechanic on parts and servicing. Yet, there is that lingering doubt on whether this is repair really is needed. 

Due to a real consumer grey zone in terms of trust and knowledge for car servicing in Malaysia, Carama has engaged me to help Malaysians to find a mechanic they can trust.

Statistics show that these are the difficulties and problems faced by Malaysian car owners:
63% of Malaysians find it difficult to find a trusted mechanic
68% of Malaysians refer to friends and family for current mechanic
1/3 of Malaysians have high likelihood to change their current mechanic
1/3 of Malaysians have more than 5 years old car.

Carama, which will be officially launching this month, is a web portal designed to act as a trusted source of information for consumers, with the convenience of a one-stop platform to make an informed decision. Car owners can now select workshops based on quality, specialization, convenience, recommendations from experts and/or reviews from fellow car owners. I am part of the team to help you find a trusted mechanic. Stay tuned for the launch of Carama later this month.

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  1. I bought car 1 year back thankfully it is still doing well but i don't to wait till it detect issues, thanks for sharing this tips i will surely apply them.


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