HGC by V-Gen Anti Oxidant Test Oral Skincare Supplement

When you leave a glass of green apple juice for 20 to 30 minutes in room temperature open area what will happen? The green apple juice will turned brownish right. That is normal, this transformation is called oxidation. Well, same our skin when the exposed to free radicals, pollutions and stress our skin cell also faced oxidation. These caused our skin to age.

I would like to show you a test, when we added a sachet of HGC by V-Gen into the oxidized brownish green apple juice. Stirred it for a few seconds, the brownish green apple juice will turned from brownish to green. As you can see after added the HGC powder there is reverse oxidation.

You can check out the video below to see the test results. 
HCG Reverse Aging Test 

When we drink this HCG with water it helps to anti aging and restore back our skin youthfulness. HGC contains Hyaluronic Acid, Gluthathione and Vitamin C which is the vital nutrient for our skin health. You read about HGC IntroductionHGC Mositurizing Review in my previous posts here.

Tips: To achieve the optimum result you should prevent from:-
  • Smoking (or inhalation of second hand smoke) which is known to deplete gluthatione levels in the body
  • Alcohol consumption as alcohol 'use-up' the body's gluthatione
  • Sun exposure as it can increase melanin production that darkens skin

Some of you might have heard of HGC by V-Gen or even tried it before. These are some of the common question and concerns before you started taking HGC, including me when I started to try this product.  

HGC is suitable for all adults of any age, regardless of skin type. According to V-gen the results is varies from individual to individual depending on how well your body absorbs and utilizes HGC. However, there have been reports of 1-2 shades improvement within 1-3 months of use. Long term usage can result in as much as 5 shades lighter or even more. The best time to take HGC is before breakfast.

For more information please visit HGC Website http://v-gen.webs.com

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