Low Light Concert Shots Never Look So Awesome

Last week Kuala Lumpur was bombarded with two explosive concerts with Linkin Park Living Things World Tour Live in Malaysia 2013 on Monday 19th Aug and followed by heavy metal Metallica Live in Malaysia 2013 on Wednesday 21st Aug. Well, as usual the only survival kit I carried with me and allowed to take into the concert area are my smartphone, purse and keys. Strictly no camera are allowed urghhh, if can I would want to bring my ‘canggih’ camera. But with this device Low Light Concert Shots Look So Awesome.

Lucky that I have this smartphone that took great pictures during the Linkin Park concert. I was actually at the Pit zone which was not so near the stage yet I can take good shots of Chester under low-light setting while he was performing. Awww *scream* 

I took a lot of good photos that night… it was an awesome experience capturing the peak moments. I feel so pro but actually thanks to the device that I am using that has back-illuminated sensor. This device is known for its low light photography. It is easy to operate too, I don’t have to do any setting its auto. Just touch the focus point on the screen and tadah! I got awesome shots. 

So what do you think of my Linkin Park concert pictures. I took all these low-light setting pictures with just a smartphone, without flash, without filter and the focus objects are moving. Can your smartphone take such pictures at night? 

Well, if you would like to find out more about other types of pictures you can take with this device, simply click on this link https://www.facebook.com/NokiaMalaysia & take a guess what device that I am using, psst you may win one unit also 

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