TWG Tea Longevity Tea Mooncake Collection

TWG Tea launches the Longevity Tea Mooncake Collection of four tea-infused traditional mooncakes. This mid Autumn festival, TWG Tea takes inspiration from traditions and a desire to redesign modernity by advocating to the beautiful and sophisticated traditions, with the new red and gold Longevity Mooncake gift box that contrasts the most revered and precious ingredients with exquisite Asian flavours.

Setting the trend for the entire collection this year is the Longevity Tea; a precious essence of a magical mélange of rare white teas. This Longevity Tea is infused into a timeless favourite; the traditional Constellation Mooncake. Its golden crust encases a brown lotus filling with a hint of ginger scattered of roasted melon seeds and a classic salted egg yolk heart.

TWG Tea embodies the exclusive vintage Pu-Erh 1993 into the traditional Moonlight Mooncake, a golden brown crust abundant with smooth white lotus paste. This delicately lavished Mooncake uses one of the finest Pu-Erhs in the world which had mellowed with age, developing a sweet and slightly earthy aroma. Perfectly balancing and enhancing a sweet and flowery flavour, it envelopes a fresh reminiscent of the earth after a morning rain with sprinkles of black and white sesame seeds.

TWG Tea offers a set of four Mooncakes at RM130 packaged in the Longevity Mooncake gift box and available at TWG Tea Salon & Boutiqe, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

TWG Tea Traditional Mooncakes Flavours

Constellation: This iconic signature of mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant Longevity Tea infused brown lotus filling with a hint of ginger, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite.

Pagoda: Wrapped in a perfectly baked chocolate brown crust, bursts of juicy cranberries dazzle in smooth lotus paste infused with malty notes of Chocolate Tea, encasing a luscious raspberry marmalade heart.

Dragon: A celestial moment of indulgence, this sumptuous red crust is filled with a velvety smooth lotus paste infused with the nutty overtones of Brothers Club Tea and scattered with roasted peanuts, enclosing a heart of buttery peanut paste.

Moonlight: Encased in a lavish, brown crust, this exquisite TWG Tea Mooncake is filled with smooth white lotus paste infused with Pu-Erh 1993 and sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds, enveloping an aromatic sesame paste heart.

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