PUMA Night Run 2013 with Mobium Elite Glow @ Seoul Zoo, Korea

Want to join PUMA Night Run 2013 in Korea? In line with the release of the new Mobium Elite Glow this Autumn, global sport lifestyle company PUMA announced that the next PUMA Night Run will be held in Seoul, Korea on the 28th September 2013 at the Seoul Grand Park (Seoul Zoo). The PUMA Night Run is part of PUMA’s long-term running sustaining program and has been held in key cities including Taipei and Sydney. The Night Run in Seoul is expected to draw at least 7,000 runners.

PUMA Night Run, Mobium Elite Glow, Seoul Zoo, Korea

The PUMA Night Run in Seoul is the perfect venue to experience the new Mobium Glow. Equipped with Adaptive Running Technology, it adapts to your natural running movement with the Mobium Band that enhances your natural spring, Expansion Pods that help reinforce cushioning, protection, and flexibility in all the right places and Windlass Chassis that changes in length, height, and proportion with your foot for natural movement. In addition, it adapts to your environment. It is enhanced with Reflective  and Glow- in- the-dark features that ensure visibility to keep you protected while you run, whether it be during the day, night or low light conditions. 

PUMA Night Run, Mobium Elite Glow, Seoul Zoo, Korea, running, fitness, health, night run package
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The PUMA Night Run is a 7km race around the park. Runners will enjoy the natural surroundings as well as the 4 courses – the midfoot running, glow, energy and cheering course. Registration starts on 26th Aug 2013 at http://nightrun.puma.co.kr with a joining fee of 30,000 KWR (26 USD). Race participants will receive a running kit that contains a PUMA Tee, guidebook, store discount voucher and running accessories. 

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