UNIQLO LifeWear 12 Design Projects Adapt to Your Lifestyle

UNIQLO LifeWear Fall Winter 2013 Collection, 12 design projects, lifewear, uniqlo, fashion, lifestyle

This is to further elaborate on the previous post on the UNIQLO LifeWear Fall / Winter 2013 Collection 12 design projectsEach of these projects features a particular concern with our body both feels and functions in this clothing. LifeWear is all about the clothes adapting to our lifestyle rather than we adapt our life to the clothes. I personally like UNIQLO apparels, especially the HEATTECH its light, keep me warm and comfortable all the time when I am travelling. 

UNIQLO LifeWear 12 projects: HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, Fleece, Silk, Cashmere, Cotton Flannel, Ultra Stretch Jeans, Topics (a Special Project featuring a guest design collaboration), Leggings Pants, Warm Easy Pants, Denim and Shirts.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, heattech, fashion, lifestyle

HEATTECH is UNIQLO’s technical revolution that adapts to the wearer and feels like a second skin. Crossing the borders of innerwear and outerwear for both men and women, the HEATTECH project continues this season. Taking as a simple starting point the idea of thermal under garments and expanding this premise to be a mini wardrobe of its own, HEATTECH comprises a smooth, fine feel with incredible comfort as well as technical advances in material manufacture. This season sees the introduction of ‘HEATTECH for the extreme cold’, a brand new line that features fabric that is 1.6 times warmer than before. HEATTECH is LifeWear that ultimately takes account of the body and adapts to the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, ultra light down, fashion, lifestyle

Ultra Light Down
Unbelievably light, the Ultra Light Down can be layered with ease for comfortable warmth. Ultra Light Down jackets are found in the form of vests, jackets and even quilted skirts this season; to be worn under or over outer clothes as the wearer decides. Ultra Light Down could be seen as clothes that transition from indoor to outdoor, and are layered with ease. Less cumbersome than traditional down products, this LifeWear item could be seen as a contemporary take on traditional quilting techniques, utilizing an ultra-fine nylon shell. Featuring designs for both men and women by adapting to the masculine and feminine forms, this is also clothing that travels extremely well. LifeWear Ultra Light Down is adaptable for the wearer, wherever they may be.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, fleece, fashion, lifestyle

Infinitely practical, supremely warm and always comfortable, UNIQLO’s Fleece Project is the ultimate utilitarian wear that loses none of its functionality even if worn in a fashionable way by either men or women. Whether furry, fluffy or just fun, LifeWear fleeces are always light as air and function to constantly put the body at ease through both temperature and ‘touch-ability’. As well as the traditional fleece jacket, found in multiple styles, patterns and solids, there is once again the introduction of fleece pants this season - not seen at UNIQLO for some time. Like ‘comfort food’, LifeWear fleeces are some of the ultimate in ‘comfort clothes’ for the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, silk, fashion, lifestyle

Hailed as the ‘queen of fabrics’, silk has always been one of the ultimate luxuries in clothing. The democratisation of silk is an on-going project for UNIQLO. Produced to the highest of standards using 6A and 5A grade silk, it is now a luxury that more women can afford for the everyday. Focusing on the effortless simplicity of the silk blouse, this season’s Silk Project strips back extraneous detailing and makes the silhouettes sleek, sharp, and yet sinuous and infinitely desirable, available in a multiple colors, patterns and solids. LifeWear silks are the ultimate in contemporary, everyday luxury and a natural second skin for the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, cashmere, fashion, lifestyle

The softness, breathability and warmth of cashmere as a material is beyond compare. The very simplicity of the fine gauge, 100% cashmere sweater, where form follows function, is emphasized by UNIQLO this season. It is one of the fundamental investment garments that never goes out of style and is beautifully realized within the Cashmere Project. Fitted to flatter the body in both masculine and feminine forms, the traditional V-neck sweater is particularly emphasized, often playfully delineated in block colours. UNIQLO Cashmere Project is available in different styles, including cardigans. Quietly luxurious, supremely stylish, LifeWear cashmere is, above all a discreet pleasure for the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, cotton flannel, fashion, lifestyle

Cotton Flannel
A soft, warm and playful casual appeal for both men and women are emphasised in UNIQLO’s Cotton Flannel Project this season. Practical in its sturdy outdoor form and preppy in its stylish classic incarnation, the Project goes further to introduce new styles that mix and match something of both in the expectations of flannel. Clashing plaids appear for the first time, playfully mixing patterns in single garments, particularly the iconic flannel shirt. Literally breaking up the idea of the ‘too perfectly put together style’ and instead injecting warmth and humour into the clothing. The Cotton Flannel Project is a reminder that LifeWear should always be fun for the wearer as well as functional.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, ultra stretch jeans, fashion, lifestyle

Ultra Stretch Jeans
Ultra Stretch is a perfect fit for UNIQLO jeans and cargo pants. Ultra Stretch jeans feature a revolutionary fabric technology that is super-stretchy and still springs right back into place. There is a 90% recovery rate back to their original shape - as well as a 90% customer satisfaction rate. These jeans mold to the body and are cut to lengthen the leg line; this UNIQLO LifeWear item is setting new standards for Jeans. The utilisation of Ultra Stretch in cargo pants is a new proposition this season. In both masculine and feminine styles, and featuring a washed effect, the new cargo pants still feature the same comfort and recovery rate of the jeans. LifeWear Ultra Stretch strives for the best fit for the wearer, whoever they may be.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, topics, fashion, lifestyle

This season’s special project – a collaboration with 10-gruppen, originating from Sweden, 10-gruppen specializes in high quality printed textiles with bold contemporary designs. Established in 1970 by ten young designers who wanted to control the entire production process from preliminary sketch to printed textile, 10-gruppen is the perfect partner for UNIQLO. Both in their aesthetic, with signature striking, graphic patterns and philosophy, and in their concern for a quality product, 10- gruppen’s collaboration this season with UNIQLO’s design team brings together and blends signatures and principles of both Scandinavian and Japanese design. This Special Project is a reminder that LifeWear can be something both local and global for the wearer.

Warm Easy Pants
Comfortable and casual, Warm Easy Pants are based on innovations in fabrics and are practical for both indoors and outdoors. These ultimate in casual trousers, most frequently modeled on waterproof and windproof mountaineering styles, are adapted to both men and women in this LifeWear project. Featuring warm fabrics with a napped interior; a sharper line of Warm Easy Pants, with fleece backed fabrics that are ideal for streetwear. The Warm Easy Pants are windproof; there’s even a feminine spin on the ‘Warm Easy Pants’ being what might be better referred to as the ‘Warm Skirt’, with a greater choice of skirt lengths, fabrics and pattern variations this season. The LifeWear Warm Easy Pants Project utilises and encourages the notion of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle to the fullest for the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, denim, fashion, lifestyle

Authentic and available in various shades of indigo, denim offers simplicity to fit all lifestyles. Produced in Japan, famed for its denim fabric mills and weaving processes, UNIQLO denim, including HEATTECH denim and Windproof jeans, further strives to democratise this high quality contemporary classic. Effortlessly moving through all aspects of life and forming to fit all lifestyles and both genders, denim could be seen as some of the ultimate LifeWear. This season the Denim Project focuses on simple masculine styles for both men and women, with a particular focus on the classic denim shirt. The simplicity of utilitarian form is emphasized, with a concession to the feminine figure, yet is effortlessly stylish. Both simple and stylish, LifeWear Denim adapts to all situations and wearers in an extraordinary way.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, legging pants, fashion, lifestyle

Legging Pants
With a desire to make bottoms as easy and interchangeable as a t-shirt, the Leggings Pants Project delivers this with a more natural feel to the skin and organic texture to the clothing this season. Bolstering both fabric density and stretch in both women’s and men’s garments, the leggings pants offer more hold and support while remaining easy to put on and take off this season. Fabrics such as Ponte, a double knit that is both comfortable and chic and features designs that accentuate the effect of longer, slimmer legs, and a close attention to detail and suppleness of design in the men’s give this Project a luxurious feel. In these Leggings Pants, LifeWear proposes a new option in both comfort and style to the wearer.

UNIQLO, LifeWear, 12 projects, shirts, fashion, lifestyle

UNIQLO’s shirt collection is accommodating and comfortable, while stylish-from standalone tops, to wearing under jacket and knit sweaters. They are the essence of casual, perfectly suited to the season with a range of styles, colours and patterns offering something for everyone. The collection spans comfortable, familiar fabrics-soft, supple broadcloth; fine, lightweight chambray; rugged denim-complementing our selection of everyday casual wear. And it has come together thanks to a focus on detail-the width from front to back, the size of the armhole, and attention to each millimeter of detailing to achieve the perfect cut. The accommodating comfort and style are clear the minute you put them on. Treat yourself, from this new range of quality casual shirts.

All these designs are available at Uniqlo Malaysia outlets

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