CAREton Project 2013: Recycle Used Cartons into Roof for EPIC Homes

The weather now is like yoyo so unpredictable, one minute is so hot and the next minute heavy rain and followed by flash flood. Our mother nature is deteriorating. Why don't we do something good for the earth at the same time can help the underprivileged. Did you know that our beverage cartons can be recycled into roofing sheets? The CAREton Project is beverage carton recycling campaign that aims to put roofs over 5 families heads for EPIC Homes.

This is the second year of its annual CAREton Project, Tetra Pak Malaysia and Nestlé Malaysia aims to collect over 1.65 million used beverage cartons to be recycled into roofing tiles. These roofing tiles will be used by EPIC Homes to construct 5 homes for Orang Asli families in need.

The CAREton Project 2013 is jointly organised by Tetra Pak Malaysia and Nestle Malaysia and supported by AEON Co. (M) Bhd, Publika Shopping Gallery and the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in benefit of EPIC Homes

EPIC Homes is built on a culture of collaboration, focusing on building sustainable housing for underprivileged Malaysian communities. The team currently focuses their efforts on the indigenous people; often referred to as the Orang Asli.

Last year, the CAREton Project recorded a collection exceeding its initial target of 300,000 used beverage cartons. The collected cartons were fully recycled into 10,000 exercise books and 100 units of schoolroom furniture including classroom tables and chairs to benefit the Dignity for Children foundation.

(L-R) Johnson Oei, CEO EPIC Homes, Teo Heng Keat, Business Executive Manager, Nestlé Liquid Drinks (Malaysia) and Gaine Clarke, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Malaysia at the launch event of the CAREton Project 2013

This year’s CAREton project marks the fourth in a row that Nestlé Malaysia and Tetra Pak Malaysia; supported by a wide array of collection partners amassed from previous years. The collection partners include retail partners Publika Shopping Gallery and AEON Co. (M) Bhd, the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation Malaysia as well as 300 public schools nationwide.

For more information on the CAREton Project 2013, full list of selected collection outlets and complete road-show schedules, please visit Tetra Pak Malaysia

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