How to Motivate your Sales Team

If you run a sales team, motivation is a critical aspect and a direct sales manager has to use a variety of strategies in order to keep the team fired up. In this short article, we offer a few tips on keeping a sales team hungry for success.

How to Motivate your Sales Team
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Cash prizes – If you are prepared to invest a little of your override commission in cash prizes, you should see a healthy ROI. Either monthly or weekly, hire one of the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Meeting Rooms and every salesperson will be striving to win. There’s nothing like good old U$ dollars to motivate your salesforce; make a big thing about presenting these cash prizes and everyone will be trying their best to receive this prize the following week.

Closing training – If you invest in some closing the deal training, your sales team will be more motivated, as their closing ratio is improved. There are professional sales trainers who can come to your offices and show your team new closes and answer any questions they might have; then you can watch as your sales figures increase, smashing all your targets.

Weekly meetings – You need to meet your team at least once a week, when you can discuss things, present awards and prizes. As a manager, you should already know how to boost your team’s self-esteem and this is a critical aspect of sales management. You can hire a meeting room at a nearby hotel and pump up your team; most managers do this on a Monday morning.

One on one contact – In order to get the best from every team member, you should spend some time with each salesperson and establish a positive relationship. If you nurture a relationship with each of your sales team, you can assist them when they have any issues and motivate each person on an individual basis. Click here for tip on how to lose weight.

Lead qualifying – It is important to pre-qualify leads, which should raise the closing ratio; if a prospect is not ready to make a purchase, it is better to postpone the appointment until such time as the prospect is in a better position. Teaching sales staff how to pre-qualify leads will pay big dividends and there are 3rd party companies that can put together a course.

Set up sales competitions – Nothing motivates a sales team like a competition and you can offer a range of prizes for people who hit their target. You could pitch one person against another and see who writes the most business in a week/month. This raises everyone’s game and sales figures should rise. Of course, you will take an interest in each salesperson under your management and do what you can to help them realise their fullest potential, which should lead to overall good health & well-being.

As a sales manager, it is your role to keep your team motivated and all of the above are great ways to boost motivation. Review your file on each of your team and see if there are any areas where you can help and create a plan to help to motivate each member of your team.

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