6 Things to Add in your Shopping Cart while Shopping Online in Dubai

The e-commerce sales have boosted tremendously with the existence of shopping carts. Conveniently add items to your shopping cart and buy them when required. The good news is that you can view the product details, select payment options and enter coupon codes at your suitability.

6 Things to Add in your Shopping Cart while Shopping Online in Dubai
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Shop virtually by selecting products online with just a tap. A shopping cart can elevate the customer experience, increase conversion, help in building a customer base and do so much more.

E-commerce websites have mimicked the brick-and-mortar shopping experience in the most advantageous way. Browse through products, grab one off the shelf and purchase it while checking out. The whole process on your computer or mobile phone, could it get better?

Here’s a list of items you must add to your shopping list for a cart full of essentials without busting your budget.

6 Things to Add in your Shopping Cart while Shopping Online in Dubai

Kitchen Staples

To start with, begin your shopping list with kitchen essentials that your house cannot function without. There are some staples without which your house can come to a standstill. What are they? Some items that you can feel miserable without in the times of any emergency.

Rice and Flour

And here’s a basic kitchen essential anyone needs to survive on- Rice and Gram flour. In the case of these two, the quality and taste really matter. So, choose the brand you are accustomed to. A wise decision would be to forgo fancy packaging and opt for something that’s your taste. 

Grains and lentils

Online shopping platforms offer a variety of options for grains and lentils to choose from. Choose and store these daily doses of nutritions as per your preference. Some of the easy-to-find options are Omega red kidney beans, black eye beans, channa black, moong dal, chickpeas, mustard seed and white peas dry.

Breakfast staples

Get going with your breakfast list of cereals, milk powder, tea, coffee sachets. Also, the availability of milk substitutes like Alpro almond Milk, coconut milk, soya milk, condensed milk and V-soy milk are great options for health fanatics.

Party essentials

Do you love hosting house parties? It’s time to stock up party essentials. Soft drinks, energy drinks, frozen food, snack items, flavored drinks, condiments & dressings, canned food items & so much more.

When online shopping in Dubai, don’t miss trying out the high tea bubble tea available in different flavors. Serve to your guests and make a long-lasting impression.

Sauces & seasonings

It’s hard to imagine any dish that wouldn’t taste delicious with a sauce, isn’t it? There’s no denying that even a tinge of sauce can enhance the flavor of your food significantly. Some yummy sauces you must try on are - French’s Yellow mustard sauce, Datu Puti soy sauce, Healthy Boy Soy Sauce Thin, HP steak sauce, Kimball Chilli sauce, Mara Green Pesto, Nando’s Peri Peri hot sauce and Pantai Sweet Chilli sauce.

Add a pinch of seasonings like Apollo Cajun, Campagna Balsamic Vinegar, Knorr Vegetable Stock, White truffle oil, Maggi Coconut Milk Powder to make your everyday dishes more delectable.

Baby, bathing & body products

Ditch the old-school traditional shops and opt for online shopping in Dubai to avail some amazing discounts on bathing & baby products. Find a wide-ranging bathing category inclusive of body wash, shampoos, conditioners at an irresistible price. Also, some of the portals offer one plus one, making it more attractive.

If you are looking for baby products, you can be sure of finding plentiful options. You can also have access to household supplies like detergent washing powder, liquid cleaner, liquid dishwasher and multi-purpose cleaning products.

Generic products

Generic items like baking products, dry fruits, flavor enhancers, pasta & noodles, cooking oils, table powders, canned food, cooking sprays, beverage powders are always of use at some point. So, grab on to these products whenever you find some great deals. 

Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables & fruits do come with a shelf life. So, buy them as and when required. For most people, shopping at a grocery store is a super convenient place for indulgence of fresh produce. But you will be surprised at the availability and freshness of fruits & vegetables that are available at an online grocery platform. They are not just tastier but also healthier. Many online portals now offer organic produce.

Shoppers, what's stopping you from an online indulgence? Add to cart and get ready for some surprise yourself with some unbelievable offers. It’s raining discounts!

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