How To Use Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

Hair has been a symbol of beauty and personal identity for centuries. Even today, many people take time for hair care and styling. So, they invest in products such as hair fibers, especially if they’re not blessed in the hair volume department.  

How To Use Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair
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Individuals with hair loss or thinning hairs use hair fibers to camouflage their bare spots and give the appearance of fuller hair. These products come in the form of powders or sprays. Hair fibers are made of keratin protein, the same stuff that makes up your natural tresses. They stick to your hair and scalp using static electricity.

Using hair fibers is easy-peasy for most people. But sometimes, it takes practice to get them where you want. If it’s your first time using hair fibers, keep reading. This article will give you tips to cover those pesky bald spots adequately.

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1. Get A Product That Matches Your Hair Color

First of all, choose a hair fiber color that matches your own. The last thing you want is for other people to notice the apparent patches you’ve covered. They’re supposed to look as natural as possible. So, shop a range of hair building fibres and pick the closest color available. 

If you can’t find your specific shade, don’t fret. You can mix two or more colors to create one that suits your natural hair. To do this method, apply the darker shade first as your base, then follow up with the lighter one. Start with a thin layer and build it up as you please until you get the desired coverage. Make sure to avoid over-spraying the product.

2. Apply It To Dry Hair

Before anything else, ensure your hair is dry. The fibers don’t stick to damp strands. In fact, water and any form of moisture wash away the product. That’s why you also mustn’t swim after application, or your hard work will disappear.  

Oily and conditioned hair will also have difficulty binding with the fibers. Hair serums, creams, and mousse products are a no-no, too. Your hair has to be bone dry for the product to attach well and cover your bare spots. 

Don’t forget to perform a patch test. Not everyone reacts well to hair fibers. And if you’re allergic to the ingredients of a spray or powder, you’ll end up with skin rashes aside from fuller hair.

3. Spray It Part By Part

Always style your hair before applying the spray. Like water, combing removes the product from your hair. When you’re all set, follow these steps: 

Spray the fibers on your part line. It’s the line that separates your hair into two main sections.  

Next, apply it to your hairline. Since this line is naturally thinner the closer it is to your forehead, spray the product a few millimeters behind it. You may use a comb as a barrier or a hair fiber applicator for precise application. 

End with the crown of your head. This part is trickier to spray fibers. So, grab a mirror or have someone else do the job for you. If you have really thin hair or lack it, look for the spot where your remaining strands look like they’re gathering together. The center of that is your crown. 

Apply the hair fibers evenly on each area as needed. Remember to spray them on gradually and build up the layers. You want it to look real as possible, especially if you have thin yet high porosity hair.

4. Use A Fiber Hold Spray

If you sweat often or want the product to stick all day, apply a fiber hold spray to secure it. This spray increases the bond of your real hair and the keratin proteins for longer holds. Some fiber hold sprays have beneficial ingredients like vitamin B5 for softer, healthier hair.  

The amount of spray you need may depend on your hair quality or the hair fiber product you use. So, apply bit by bit until you get the hold you want. You can brush your hair afterwards to add more volume.

5. Avoid Using Heating Tools 

Excessive use of heated styling tools can ruin your natural hair, where the fibers attach themselves. The weaker your strands, the harder it’ll be for the product to stick and stay on your head.  

Even with the help of hair fibers, you must also try to boost your hair growth. You can do various home remedies to have thick and healthy tresses again. But they’ll take a while to regrow your hair into its prime glory. So, in the meantime, use your hair fibers as much as you need.

A Crown Fit For You

Hair fiber spray or powder is ideal for those with thinning hair. They look like natural hair, they’re affordable, and they are easy to apply. For longer-lasting fibers, minimize sun exposure by staying in the shade or wearing a hat. You may also try to avoid wearing heating tools to keep your hair healthy and natural. 

This article has listed ways on how to properly use hair fibers. Proper application of hair fiber will keep that crown of glory beautiful and fit for you.

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