Senior Relocation Made Simple: What to Look for in a Full-Service Moving Company

Relocating is not just for the young; seniors and retirees relocate for a variety of reasons. What remains constant is that moving is a difficult and time-consuming task. It can take weeks or months to pack, unpack, coordinate, and find the perfect company. But, by using a moving company that specializes in senior services, you may make this procedure a lot easier. Here are some of the numerous factors seniors should look for in a moving business, whether they are moving to be closer to family, downsize their house, or locate warmer weather.

Complete Service

The most crucial thing for any senior to look for in a moving company is that they provide full-service moving from start to finish. The elderly, unlike other individuals, may not always have the energy or aptitude to assist movers. This does not refer to actual relocation, but rather to the minor details that many people overlook.

A full-service moving firm should provide the following services:

Pack and Unpack Your Stuff: Many professional moving firms offer reasonable packing and unpacking services. Professional packers will safely and promptly pack all of your belongings for relocation. This will also solve another problem: discovering the boxes themselves. You won't have to bother about gathering boxes and other moving goods if durham moving companies conduct the packing.

Reassemble Your Furniture: 

It's fantastic if the moving company transports your table to your new house, but will they assist you in reassembling it? A full-service relocation firm will. Check that they understand how to rebuild any specific items you may have. They should be aware of what to do, especially if they are disassembling.


Many full-service moving firms will assist seniors by cleaning up after them. This is especially true if they're also unpacking your boxes. Yet, you can never be certain; always consult with them first.


Senior moving firms will frequently have a coordinator to work with you and advocate for your needs. Because you are unlikely to be there on a moving day with the movers, a professional coordinator is needed. During the moving day, a coordinator will take your place. Before the big day, you'll meet with the coordinator to plan out where you want everything in your new home to go and how you want it to appear. Make an effort to describe everything as accurately as possible! The planner may photograph your current home d├ęcor and then organize your belongings by room. Moving takes all day and is a tiring job; however, with a professional coordinator, you can be assured that everything is done correctly while you rest and observe.


Another key factor for seniors to consider when picking a moving company is their trustworthiness. Never hire a moving company that isn't well-known in the area. Better yet, ask your family and friends to who they used to relocate. A moving firm should have a well-established location, a website, and dedicated personnel. Don't just employ anyone to manage your belongings.

Because you will be handing over the keys to both of your homes and giving the moving company free rein, trustworthiness is especially important for seniors. That is unless you intend to keep a close eye on them throughout the multi-day process. During a move, movers can easily steal belongings or valuables without your knowledge. Moving is stressful, and missing items might easily go missing. Thieves are also more likely to steal from the elderly because they believe they are easy prey. Of course, no good moving business would ever steal from their customers but be aware of moving companies with no local roots.

If possible, do an inventory of your belongings. Allow your moving company to handle this for you.

If you are still concerned about having strangers handle your most valuable possessions, consider hiring a business to do an inventory of your items. This should not be too difficult for the moving company, especially if they are doing the packing. The packer should write down everything that went into each box and provide you with a copy during the packaging process. That way, if a rogue employee decides to take something that isn't his, you'll have evidence from the moving firm.


During the move, many seniors and retirees will choose to go on vacation or take a day trip out of town. That way, when you return, you may head straight to your newly equipped home. If this is something you want to do, be sure your moving company is willing to stay in continual communication with you. They should contact you right away with any updates, problems, or queries they may have. The business should also be willing to return the following day to ensure that everything is as you planned.

Find the Best Senior Moving Company for You

Moving firms that specialize in assisting seniors are accustomed to providing these services to their clients. They should be eager to walk you through their specialized method. But, not all businesses do; if a business appears puzzled or reluctant to provide these basic services, look elsewhere. You've worked hard for many years and deserve to unwind without the stress and difficulties of moving. You will have a pleasant and stress-free experience if you hire a moving company that specializes in senior relocation. After all, being older has its advantages!

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