A Guide to Serious Weight Loss: What you Need to Know

Losing weight is on most people’s to do list and there are many strategies that you can employ to rid yourself of a few unwanted pounds, which we outline in this short article. When looking to safely lose weight, it makes complete sense to consult with the experts who tailor their approach to suit the client, using tried and tested methodology to achieve your weight loss goals.

A Guide to Serious Weight Loss: What you Need to Know
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Combination of strategies

Dieting alone isn’t going to do it, neither will exercise without some form of structure; book a place at one of the best weight loss resorts in Phuket and let the experts formulate a plan to remove that excess weight you so badly want to lose. Ask any physician and they will gladly confirm that in order to lose weight, you need to raise your metabolism, the rate at which your body consumes energy. This is only one aspect of weight loss, targeting areas of the body where you want to lose weight and working the muscles in a controlled manner.

Range of effective weight loss packages

You can enrol in a 3-, 5- or 7-night weight loss program, each put together by a team of weight loss professionals who really know their stuff. 

Each program consists of the following:

Initial fitness assessment.

Numerous 50-minute private one on one training sessions.

Deep muscle massage sessions from a qualified masseuse.

Daily sauna & steam treatment.

Nutritional consultation with a pro nutritionist.

Take home guide to weight loss and nutrition management.

Unlimited access to exercise and training equipment.

At the end of the course, you are assessed by your consultant and your progress is charted, while the specialist helps you to compile a home weight loss program so you can continue to make progress towards your goals. Click here for how to get serious about your e-bike workout.

Mental attitude

You can’t say that weight loss is purely physical, we are all unique as human beings and a holistic approach should be taken; you have to have the right mindset and this is often overlooked to the detriment of the outcome. There is no such thing as impossible; the man who wins is the man who thinks he can, if you think you can’t do something, you’re right. Self-esteem is critical, a person with a lack of self-confidence will find it harder to achieve their goals, so part of the course is focused on building up self-esteem.

Setting goals

When you enrol in a weight loss program, your personal trainer helps you to set realistic goals, gives you an accurate fitness assessment and works on a timeline for your weight loss program. Without firm goals, you have no direction and are therefore less likely to enjoy long-term success. How you feel about yourself is critical to your overall health & well-being and this is one aspect of the program.

When you place your trust in a professional weight loss program, all you need is the desire to be successful, the program and techniques are presented by qualified personnel and you are guided through each stage. There is focus on educating you on how your body responds to give you the tools that you need to continue with the program.

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