5 Top US Fine-Arts High Schools To Enroll Your Teen In

Fine arts high schools are always in high demand. Humans are naturally creative beings and when we’re young, there seems to be a lot more unbridled creativity to work with. If you have a high school age someone in your life who would rather be creating or is musically inclined, it’s a good idea to start researching high schools that either specialize in or have a high caliber fine arts program. Here are a few suggestions that can help get you started on the path to finding the perfect education for your high schooler.

5 Top US Fine-Arts High Schools To Enroll Your Teen In
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1. Waterford School

Of all the Sandy Utah high schools, Waterford has got them all beat. Serving youth from preschool through high school, this private school offers a top tier liberal arts education along with 17 AP courses and a robust fine arts program that includes computer graphics, dance, sculpture, theater and so much more. Whether your young person has their sights set on singing or the violin, Waterford helps students to develop their creativity, theoretical knowledge and technique in ways that help them thrive as both creative learners and creative thinkers.

2. L. A. County High School for the Arts

LACHSA has got it all, from the cinematic arts to music to visual art, a creative young soul will learn how to hone their craft while receiving both a college preparatory education and conservatory style education. This tuition free public school sits on the campus of California State University-Los Angeles. The students here benefit from a interdisciplinary approach to the arts to help create more well rounded artists. Since this is a public fine arts school, admission is contingent upon a portfolio review or audition.

3. The Chicago Academy for the Arts

This high school is one of the nation’s premier performing and visual arts schools. Its students achieve academic success, champion critical thought and hone their creative expression. The Chicago Academy for the Arts is one of the John F. Kennedy Center’s National Schools of Distinction. This high school gives students professional level arts training. There are three 75 minute academic periods, a 45 minute flex period and three or more hours dedicated to the chosen art expression.

4. Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts

Located in downtown Dallas, Texas, BTWHSPVA is part of the Dallas Independent School District. The school focuses on both academics and the arts to graduate students that are equipped to succeed in their chosen art form as well as academically. The school strives to make roads that reach both the post-secondary world and professional world. Notable graduates include Erykah Badu, Christian Schumann and Dylis Croman.

5. Walnut Hill School for the Arts

This boarding school in Natick, Massachusetts sits just outside of Boston and gives its students a rigorous college preparatory curriculum to pair with a thorough arts education. Walnut Hill’s world class arts instruction is meant to nurture creative and bold artistry whether it be through media arts, dance or theater. With the support of peers and faculty, those who matriculate here are curious learners that go on to reach great heights.

Undoubtedly, everyone has a creative streak, but if you’re interested in honing your craft or receiving an immersive and boundary pushing education in the fine arts, one of these schools may be just what you’re looking for. Remember, there are no limitations to your teen’s talents when they are well supported. 

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