How To Use Lawn Weed Killers For Cool Season Grasses

Keeping your lawn free of unwanted vegetation can be challenging with cool season grasses. A lack of knowledge about the type of weeds you're dealing with can interfere with finding the right weed-killer products. Weed control solutions can get expensive quickly if you base everything on trial and error.

How To Use Lawn Weed Killers For Cool Season Grasses
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No one wants to waste money on the wrong lawncare products. Additionally, you want to avoid hurting your lawn as much as possible. Instead of taking your best guess, research and determine the type of weeds that are showing up. 

If you've been battling with the same weeds, it's time to rethink your methods. Once you've figured out what weeds you have, you can narrow down which products are the best for killing weeds on cool season grasses. Read on to learn how to use lawn weed killers for cool season grasses. 

Herbicides: When To Use Which Lawn Weed Killers 

After pinpointing the weeds in your cool season grass, eliminate them using herbicides. There are two herbicides you can purchase: post-emergent and pre-emergent. 

When you use pre-emergent herbicides:

you do so to treat your lawn preventatively to avoid weeds from cropping up again  

You should apply pre-emergent herbicides when you know a specific weed grows consistently at a particular time each year. 

You can place the lawn weed killers in the area to prevent the weed from germinating. 

For Active Weeds 

Regardless of the type of herbicides you use, remember that your timing is key. If you have active weeds, the use of post-emergent herbicides becomes necessary. Just simply spray the product on the area of the plant where the chemical will be absorbed and sent into the root system to kill the plant. 

Pro Tip: Use pre-emergent lawn weed killers if the weeds haven't emerged and post-emergent if they have. 

For Weeds In The Works 

You want to use pre-emergent control for cool season weeds to stop the germination phase. To determine how much to use: 

Calculate your yard's square footage and follow the instructions for the appropriate amount based on the measurement you conclude.

Apply the diluted products over the entirety of your lawn. 

For pre-emergent herbicides, apply them March-April, to address summer weeds. 

Use lawn weed killers at the end of summer or early fall to keep winter weeds under control

Check Soil Temperature 

Ensure the soil temperature is at the peak of 55F and 2-inch depth before applying any herbicides during the cool season. 

To use post-emergent on cool season weeds: 

Apply evenly where the weeds are growing. 

Apply at the end of spring and the start of summer for summer annual weeds.

For winter season weeds, apply the product during the autumn, ideally by the first frost. 

Follow Best Practices To Get Rid Of Weeds For Good 

Consistently use the correct herbicides and lawn weed killers at their appropriate items to remove your weeds successfully from cool season grasses. Remember that many herbicides require measured water mixed into the products, so always follow the instructions closely.   

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