8 Best Tips to Drive Safely When You're in Dubai

Are you aware of what the population count of Dubai is? As per the 2023 statistics, the present metro area population of the city is 3,008,000 with a 1.48% increase from 2022.

8 Best Tips to Drive Safely When You're in Dubai
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Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the most attractive places to live in and proposer professionally. And that’s the sole reason for an exponential increase of expatriates in the city. This high population has been the root cause for such a high car ratio and traffic congestion in Dubai. 

And therefore, driving in Dubai is challenging. In fact, driving in the city during those rush hours is pretty daunting. However, over the years UAE Road and Transportation Authority has initiated several rules and regulations to diminish traffic casualties. Let’s have a look.

8 Tips to Drive Safely In Dubai

Maintain safe distance

Dubai follows a three second rule, and not obeying it is when most people encounter trouble. It has been told that a driver must stay three seconds behind the front car. This leaves a safe space and enough time to adjust the speed in case of any emergency. Also, a fine of 400 Dhs and 4 black points has been introduced in case of someone defying the rule. So, pull back and keep a safe distance.

Pause at pedestrian crossing

When in Dubai remember that the city gives a lot of importance to  pedestrians. The traffic police takes this into consideration seriously and expects the speedy cars to stop before the pedestrian crossing. This rule is introduced to allow people with enough comfort, safety and room for crossing. Not following this rule can result in a fine of 500 Dhs and 6 black points. Bet, you don’t want that. 

Do not overtake

While overtaking could be risky at any place, Dubai strictly follows this rule. It is illegal to overtake in the wrong lane in Dubai. The city follows a right-hand driving rule so overtaking from the right side is regarded as a traffic violation. If you break this rule, get ready to pay a hefty penalty. One of the safe driving tips to follow in Dubai is to let the other car pass by. 

Keep a lane discipline

Every lane in Dubai is marked with a specified speed limit. For instance, the left side is designed for the fastest speed. So, use it only when you want to drive at a top speed. If you don’t intend to, it is absolutely unsafe for you to be in that lane. While switching lanes it is important to consider the designated speed limits. Also, in case of giant-sized cars zooming by, it would be wise to give them enough room.

A driver must also factor the normal speed limits that range between 100 and 120 km/h on Dubai highways. Not abiding by these limits can lead to excessive fines ranging between AED 300-3,000. Also, driving below the speed limit can cause you a fine.

Use of hazard lights

Turn on the hazard light in case of any problem. This will quickly help in alerting fellow-drivers. Just like how using these lights at the right time can benefit you, misusing them can lead to a huge fine. So, only use it in case of any technical issue or any other emergency. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Keep distance from buses and trucks

Buses cannot cause as much nuisance as trucks, however keep distance from both. Especially, in case any heavy-duty trucks stay far away to be sure of the safety factor. These vehicles do not really follow any driving rules. They don’t give any signals, move at escalated speed and may also get a bit rash while driving. To keep your safety intact, maintain distance from buses and trucks.

Misuse of headlights

Have you ever witnessed cars flashing their headlights impatiently? Though this may come across as a very offending act in a situation like this it is best to change lanes and allow them to move ahead of you. Do this for your safety, because not allowing them ahead can get you into a quarrel or a serious fight.

Be disciplined

Whether we talk about the traffic police or general drivers, people in Dubai are very sensitive. Therefore, be very mindful of your words and actions. Follow the thumb rule of disciplined driving and avoid getting into any kind of trouble. Be patient and calm even if the person ahead is at fault. 

Dubai is famously known for luxury cars, therefore renting a limo is an experience one must indulge in. With a surge in popularity, there has also been an increase in the availability of chauffeur-driven cars. However, while you choose to do so, remember the safety rules and be sure of the driver following them.

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