Anyone can Become a Partner of a World-Class Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is an old saying embedded since time immemorial in the internet: “The one who owns users owns the world" the same is true for the blockchain industry. Only those who adhere to the service concept of “users first” can prosper and solidify its sustainable growth.

Anyone can Become a Partner of a World-Class Cryptocurrency Exchange

Any company wanting to have long-term sustainable growth will need a firm belief at the core. As the world’s leading crypto trading platform, CoinW believes in the value of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Therefore, it dedicates itself to the technological revolution brought about by blockchain. CoinW exchange has recently grown into the world’s leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform.

To develop the global market and serve their clients better, CoinW Global Partnership program is now officially launched CoinW hopes to attract more high-valued investors, professional institutions and individuals to their platform, leveraging their complete business ecology, multiple commercial strategies and rewarding packages for global partners.

According to the Head of CoinW Global Partnership program, CoinW Global partnership plan welcomes blockchain enthusiasts, community owners and influencers from throughout the globe. Unlike other established exchanges, CoinW would like to onboard anyone who is passionate about cryptocurrency trading to be a partner. As long as you have connections in your community of any kind, they will extend a welcoming hand to onboard you as a business partner, regardless of the level of knowledge you demonstrate in cryptocurrency.

The world has been experiencing the expediency brought by the Information Age since the advent of the internet. In the upcoming Web 3 era,  blockchain and token-based economics will be the new hallmarks of our world. Embracing this, CoinW has spent efforts to develop its outreach and practicality over the years. Today, the exchange infrastructure is used by close to 9 million users from over 120 countries, which deliver $20 Billion of exchange volume each day.

As a highlight of the platform’s achievement, the depth and liquidity of the perpetual contract products on CoinW Exchange has made it the no. 1 feature in which users developed a strong interest. This is as a result of consistent product innovation. 

Through the years, CoinW futures trading has prospered, with more comprehensive functions for futures derivatives trading coupled with faster performance, stricter risk control, and richer trading varieties.

To put it in perspective, the number of global cryptocurrency users has reached 420 million. This growing trend continues as more people around the world choose to embrace cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange and blockchain technology as the solution to everyday problems.

The innovation of technology and finance endowed by blockchain technology enables more marginal cities and regions to have the opportunity of reintegration with mainstream societies.

Premising on this belief, CoinW is keen to offer people from all backgrounds a chance to prosper in this new Web 3 era. Since exchanges form the core of cryptocurrency capital systems, CoinW invites people from all walks of life to become a partner in order to optimize adoption and belief of blockchain among all communities.

Here are some benefits which could be enjoyed by users who successfully assume a partnership with CoinW:

1. Commission rebate up to 80%

2. VIP services

3. First-hand information for productive and proactive members

4. Customized “CoinW Global Partnership “ medal and gift box

5. Participate in high-level meetings with CoinW management and participate in major decisions

6. Pilot test new features before product updates

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