6 of the Many Things to Explore in the Rugged Beauty of the Aran Islands

With almost a quarter of a million visitors checking out the Aran Islands every single year, you too might be planning a trip to check out this beautiful location in the future. If so, we are here to help you plan an unforgettable trip. Our guide below will go over the top reasons you want to explore this magical place that will leave you feeling like you never want to leave.     

6 of the Many Things to Explore in the Rugged Beauty of the Aran Islands
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Read on to learn the top things you can do while you’re exploring these lovely islands. 

1. Tours

We highly recommend booking yourself a pony and trap tour while you’re visiting the larger island (Inis Mor). This tour will allow you to see the famous stone walls on the island and monastic sites. You will also see Dún Aonghasa. The carriages are covered so even with the unpredictability of Ireland’s weather you can enjoy the tour. 

Another tour you can opt for is an Adventure Tour where you ride inside the comfort of a minibus. You will get to see major sights around the island like the Seven churches and the famous seal colony. The tour is guided, so you will get to learn all of the history of the island and guides tend to also share their tips on the best things to do and where to eat. 

2. Check Out the Pubs

There are plenty of pubs to eat in to get a taste of the local area. You can check out Tigh Ned’s stone garden which has a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. 

You can also have a beer in Tí Joe Watty’s in the beer garden. During the summer months, Tí Joe Watty’s has live music every day of the week and on certain days they have live music three times per day. 

Another pub to check out is in the Aran Islands Hotel located on the larger island. Every weekend and on most evenings you can enjoy live music and trad sessions.

3. Ruins and Sacred Sites

The islands have a Christian and Celtic heritage, so they have a large number of sacred sites and ruins you can explore while you’re there. Many feel that just being on the islands feels like you’re on a path to connecting with your spiritual inner self. 

There are many visitors that attend spiritual ceremonies like the Summer Solstice. You can check out www.aranislands.ie to get ideas of what others are doing to take advantage of the peace the Aran Islands offer. There are also plenty of people getting married and enjoying their honeymoon exploring this spiritual location. 

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4. The Wormhole

Make sure that you wear good shoes for this hike. Although it is a fairly flat hike, you need to watch your steps because the potential for slipping, falling, or breaking an ankle are high. If you have smaller children, we don’t really recommend checking out the Wormhole.

The Wormhole is a rectangular hole that was cut in the rock naturally. It is 100% naturally formed, but it looks like a man-made swimming pool that is sitting on the edge of a cliff. It will take about 25 minutes each way and although it’s fairly flat, please don’t underestimate it because it is not an easy hike. 

5. Rent a Bike

A popular way to explore the island is with a bike. You can opt for a traditional bike, a tandem bike, or an e-bike if you want to take a break from pedaling here and there. The great thing about exploring one of the islands on a bike is that you can easily pull over and check out whatever you please without much effort.

6. Teampall Bheanáin

Another hike you might want to check out is up to Teampall Bheanáin where you can leave your bike at the beginning of the hike if you arrive via a bicycle. At the beginning of the hike, you will have a bit of a flat hike with a small slope, and eventually, you will go uphill pretty fast. 

Keep in mind that the hike is steep, but it’s not difficult or long. Make sure you have your camera ready to capture those amazing views. 

Ready to Explore These Magical Islands?

With our top things to explore while you visit the Aran Islands you can start planning ASAP. We hope you have the best vacation ever, full of plenty of experiences that you will remember for years to come. 

Keep exploring our travel section for even more travel tips to help you in your vacation planning. 

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