The Role of a Nanny

A nanny is essential for busy working parents to maintain their lifestyles, while also ensuring their children get the best possible care and nurturing. Our nannies offer care for teenagers, children and babies over 3 months - for postnatal care a confinement lady can be arranged. Their work frees parents up to have fun with and enjoy their children without any hassle. 

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The nannies on our private staffing agency books will do everything childcare related, from looking after the children themselves, to taking care of their play spaces, their mealtimes and their nursery. They run a tight ship to ensure your children’s daily routines are full of educational and developmentally stimulating activities, all while fitting seamlessly into the family. 

If you have older children, our nanny agency can even help you source someone who will assist with homework, as long as, of course, it falls into the realm of standard primary school age curriculum. If you would prefer to homeschool your children, our domestic staffing agency even offer governesses, who teach their children the approved school curriculum. This ensures your children are kept up to speed with their peers, while offering the benefits of homeschooling. 

At Home 

  • Play with your children in a structured and educational way 
  • Teach them developmentally appropriate independence skills such as tying shoes, tidying, getting dressed etc. 
  • Encourage creativity and curiosity 
  • Plan play dates with other children 
  • Organise the entirety of your children’s birthday parties (and take them to other childrens’ parties!) 
  • Teach them how to behave 
  • Meal plan, cook and go shopping


  • Your nanny will do all child related chores including cleaning up their spaces, laundry, bedclothes, and cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen. 

Outside the Home 

  • Taking the children out on educational field trips, such as visits to museums and galleries 
  • Outdoor activities and sports, such as swimming, tennis and playgrounds. 
  • Take them to and pick them up from school 
  • Any errands, such as dropping off mail, dry cleaning, sorting out any extra shopping, organising tradespeople like plumbers. 

The only thing an imperial Nanny WON’T do is general housework, family laundry or family cooking.

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