Top Fun Things You Should Do While In Indonesia

Indonesia is a very popular tourist destination and when you consider the nation’s warm weather and beautiful natural landscapes it’s not hard to see why. Every year millions visit. Some visit to explore their spiritualities and others to go hiking; of course, some also visit just to relax.

Top Fun Things You Should Do While In Indonesia
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If you are planning on taking a trip to Indonesia then you might be interested in learning about some of the most entertaining activities that you can do there. This post will help you learn about these things by telling you about the most popular of them.

Water-based Activities

Indonesia has some of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular beaches. As the nation comprises a cluster of islands it should not surprise you to learn that there are lots of water-based activities you can pursue. Individuals interested in exploring river networks and secluded islands could hire the Nataraja boat which is immensely popular with tourists. Those who do plan on pursuing water-based activities need to make sure that they are confident swimmers or alternatively bring lifejackets with them. Venturing out on the ocean or any large body of water when you are not a competent swimmer or protected with a lifejacket is very dangerous.

Fishing is a popular sport and recreational activity in Indonesia due to the vast number of different species of fish found in the nation’s waters. Many Indonesians survive almost exclusively off of fish-based diets. To this end, if you are somebody who’s enthusiastic about fishing or just enjoys marine activities then you will get a lot of enjoyment out of going fishing there. Fishing in Indonesia is truly unlike fishing anywhere else in the world. You really never know what you are going to catch.

Jungle Hiking

Indonesia’s jungles are truly magnificent. Until you have seen them you will never be able to appreciate their beauty. Photographs and videos do them no justice. In addition to being incredibly beautiful and great for hiking, they are home to some rare animals, some of which can only be found in Indonesia. If you enjoy hiking and outdoor pursuits then a trip to Indonesia may be ideal for you. Bear in mind going hiking in the jungle can be dangerous. Unless you take precautions and map out walking routes carefully you could end up getting lost. Indonesia’s jungles are huge so getting lost could get you into a lot of trouble. Take a cell phone booster if you are going out alone without a guide in case you get lost and lose signal.

If you are interested in seeing Indonesia’s wildlife like orangutans then it is strongly advised that you go with a guide. Attempting to go on your own could lead to you getting seriously hurt. While orangutans are generally very peaceful and gentle animals attacks do occur. When you see wild animals in Indonesia’s jungles (which you inevitably will if you go to them) then you need to make sure that you do not under any circumstances approach them.

Enjoying Beaches

As mentioned earlier Indonesia’s beaches are easily the best in Southeast Asia. As Indonesia comprises a cluster of islands there are different beaches on each one. Because of the abundance of beaches in Indonesia, there’s no guarantee that you are going to have to share a beach with other travellers. If you are lucky you might find one that’s secluded to use on your own. Using secluded beaches is a good way to unwind, relax and forget about any problems you might be having back at home. A vacation should be an escape from people, not a reminder they exist.

If you are looking for secluded beaches then you can either ask for a guide’s help or you can use your phone’s built-in map to find a beach that is out of the way and not very popular. Before you start exploring beaches make sure you are not trespassing. Some beaches are owned by hotels, resorts and even private individuals. Trespassing on a private beach likely won’t get you into a lot of trouble but you could be asked to leave. There are some great waterfalls in Indonesia so look for them as well.

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Luxury Hotels

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination as has already been mentioned. Because it is such a popular tourist destination there is an abundance of luxury hotels there. If you are going for the first time then why not stay in one? Many travellers to Indonesia stay in hostels to save money but if you’re only going for a short period of time a few days in a luxury hotel won’t cost you a lot of money. Bear in mind you can save money on hotel rooms by making reservations a few weeks before you plan on travelling.

When you are looking for a hotel to stay in it’s always important to read online reviews. A hotel’s reviews can tell you more or less everything you need to know about it from what its rooms are like to how friendly the staff are. You should also take a hotel’s star rating into consideration. Sometimes people do not leave reviews but instead rank their experience using stars with five stars suggesting a person’s stay was great and one that it was not. If you can then ask friends who have been to Indonesia before for their advice.

Sampling Cuisine

Indonesian food is absolutely delicious – there’s no denying it. If you have never tried it before then you are all but guaranteed to like it. Individuals with allergies should mention this to restaurant staff on their trips so they do not accidentally end up eating something unsafe for them. Seafood is a big part of Indonesian cuisine so if you are allergic to fish or shellfish then you need to make this clear otherwise you could end up having a reaction which could result in you needing to go to the hospital. A trip to the hospital likely isn’t something you want. If you do not speak Indonesian you can use your phone’s translation feature to communicate with restauranteurs. 

Indonesia is a fantastic place to go away on vacation and forget about your troubles. Individuals interested in going there should take this post’s advice and pursue the activities mentioned here. Because it is such a popular tourist destination finding out about cool activities should not be difficult.

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