Renting a Luxury Villa in Mauritius

Whenever one mentions holiday accommodation in Mauritius, the first thing that comes to mind is its beach hotels spread along most of the island's coastline. The most ancient ones are typical of resort type, with one or more "central" buildings hosting the reception restaurants and other facilities. At the same time, the rooms spread out into the tropical gardens in semi-detached building blocks. The early ones, back in the '60s and '70s, settled in the nicest spots of the Mauritian coastline. However, owing to coastal space getting low and real-estate value pretty dear, the more recent hotels have a more robust architecture.

catamarans with sails are parked on the beach in front of a villa on the tropical island of Mauritius
Renting a Luxury Villa in Mauritius

Despite the geographical limitations from the total occupation of the Mauritian coastline, Mauritian tourism, its hospitality industry, and not even the holiday rental segment still has expansion potential.

The potential of Mauritius as a touristic destination is yet to be optimized. Mauritius is not just an island with beaches; it's a nation with a fascinating population from the main continents, busy at work. It's also the beautifully landscaped countryside. Despite poor urban planning, there is much more to discover in Mauritius than what the average hotel resident can find around the swimming pool.

On the holiday accommodation side, the potential is even bigger as many of these bungalows and villas on the beachfront have been regularly hosting holidaymakers from around the world.

It first started shyly, as early as in the 70s – 80s, with repeating guests that preferred the authenticity of the "campements" – a term designating an accommodation of great simplicity, of no comfort, and meant for accommodating families for fairly short terms. At the time, the standards would suit only these tourists, which were very easy and flexible. The ease of communication, the demand, thus supply, the standards, the choice, the variety, and the rates, all took an ascending slope. Then, specialized online platforms emerged that boosted the vacation rental industry worldwide. Thanks to its reputable beaches and lagoons and especially to the gentleness of the people, the general atmosphere of easiness of holiday life, the expansion of the holiday villa rental segment of Mauritius has been more spectacular than elsewhere.

Enter the luxury villas! 

luxury villa in Mauritius with green lawn

If, at some stage, the new-gen. villas of Mauritius deserved the qualification of "luxury"; this classification was still in its making worldwide, and the guests' expectations of this category skyrocketed. However, at this mutating stage, renting luxury villa in Mauritius meant renting the few villas available at luxury hotels. The reason is that only those hotels had the necessary space and capital to build +500m ² villas with luxurious furniture and equipment on the beach and have the professional service to match.

But the evolution was on, and truly luxurious villas became available among the pool of private villas of Mauritius. As of today, they are still not that many, but the standards are at the rendezvous. Luxury can be in the different aspects of the rental; the furniture & equipment, the size and make of the villa, the spacing between the neighbor houses, the garden size, the privacy, or the service level.

What to expect from a luxury villa rental in Mauritius?

Quality furniture and equipment: The furniture and equipment with luxury villas count have branded furniture, they include orthopedic bedding, fine sanitary ware, a fully-equipped kitchen, and some garden furniture.

It is most likely to have a swimming pool but not compulsory as there may not be sufficient space, and in most cases, they are not an absolute must-have, as in front of many villas lies a lagoon that seems like a large natural pool, so much the water is flat, calm and clear.

Distance from neighbors, garden size, and privacy: This is not so frequent among Mauritius's beachfront villas. In some cases, large gardens and enhanced privacy criteria alone may justify the categorization as a luxury, provided that the villa remains above-average standards too.

Service: In nearly all beach villa rentals, the rates include service consisting of daily cleaning, washing, ironing, and cooking, five days a week. There are variations to this standard, and as regards cooking, it is only the service of preparing the meals that are included, the food remaining at the guests' expense. This service can be for up to one or two meals a day. In luxury villas, the cooking service is for three meals. In addition, it is possible to hire a chef who not only proposes a more refined cuisine for the three meals also but does the grocery shopping and prepares pastries for tea time and cocktails. One level above - in terms of service, like in the pricing - some luxury villas offer enhanced service and stay management, comparable to the service levels at 5-star luxury hotels.

Rates of luxury rentals in Mauritius vary fairly from one house to the other but especially from one season to the other. The range is between 550 € to 3,700 € / night for accommodations of 6 to 12 persons.

Are you tempted but have no budget?

No pain! The standards at the regular / non-luxury villas and the available complementary services such as the in-house massages, are large enough to feel like queens & kings while holidays last.

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