The Dangers Of Driving A Motorcycle While Intoxicated

Intoxicated driving is quite dangerous for everyone. The driver not only puts their lives and property at risk but also leaves a path of destruction that causes serious harm to other people.

The Dangers Of Driving A Motorcycle While Intoxicated
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Newburgh has heavy daily traffic because of its strategic location, halfway between New York and Manhattan. The municipality has several dangerous intersections, which cause hundreds of accidents and incidents yearly. Most of the DUI motorcycle accidents occurring in the area are near or around such intersections. You could claim compensation if the accident was not your fault. However, you will need the help of an experienced lawyer. Always think twice before hiring an accident attorney, since only quality attorneys can get you a favorable outcome.

Serious or Fatal Accidents

Driving while intoxicated is dangerous for all drivers, but it's especially harmful to motorcyclists due to less protection and more exposure. Blood alcohol at any level can impair the ability to drive. There can be serious lapses in judgment which can result in serious or fatal accidents. 

Slow Reaction Time

Even if a person drinks less than the legal limit, it can still slow their reaction time. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% causes a 120-millisecond delay in reaction time. While it may not seem much, a rider can go an extra 12 feet on the highway before acting up. This margin is enough for a severe motorcycle accident.

Lack of Coordination

Motorcyclists’ ability to coordinate their hands, feet, and eyes is negatively affected by heavy drinking. They can't survive a dangerous scenario without the necessary motor skills. The inability to stand up straight, difficulty walking, and wandering are symptoms of poor coordination. Since motorcycling is all about the coordination between hands and feet, even the slightest delay can result in a serious crash. 

Loss of Concentration

No matter how much or how little motorcyclists drink, it can affect their focus. Riding demands complete concentration; however, drinking can make it difficult to pay attention on the road. There have been cases where a drunk rider couldn’t comprehend the situation on the road and slammed into traffic, causing a massive pileup. Drinking reduces the attention span of the rider and increases the chance of an accident.

Blurry Vision 

Motorcyclists may experience blurred vision after drinking alcohol. Their ability to judge the distance between their vehicle and other objects on the road can be affected by vision impairment. Additionally, they may have fewer objects in their peripheral vision, or what they can see if they gaze straight ahead to either side of them.

Effects on Judgmental Skills 

Motorcyclists' minds determine how they perceive certain situations. Their decision-making while riding depends heavily on their judgment. For example, if another car cuts a motorcyclist off, they must be ready to anticipate potential problems and take decisive action. While driving, their brain judgment helps them maintain focus and awareness of their surroundings, which is difficult when drunk.

Riding a motorcycle requires the constant attention of the rider to make quick and safe decisions. However, if motorcyclists drink more than they can handle, they are putting their lives and others at risk. If you have been in a drinking session, it's best to avoid driving or riding and take a cab or ask for help to avoid any unfortunate scenarios. 

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