The 6 Best Emerald-Shaped Engagement Rings Styles

The emerald cut is considered one of the oldest gem shapes. It quickly became a favorite among royalty and found its revival in the 1920s during the art deco movement. In more modern times, celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to Paris Hilton to Beyonce have worn them. 

The 6 Best Emerald-Shaped Engagement Rings Styles
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There are many reasons why these emerald-shaped engagement rings are becoming more popular. If you’re looking for the perfect ring, keep reading to learn more about them and see our favorite ones.

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

What sets them apart? You will notice these gorgeous gems immediately by their distinctive elongated, rectangular shape. It is a step-cut diamond with beveled corners and up to four rows of facets: the more facets, the more shimmer. Emerald-cut diamonds are considered a “fancy” shape and may appear glassy and clear because of their larger surface area on top. It’s important to consider clarity when purchasing one. 

Why Choose One?

You should consider an emerald-shaped engagement ring for many reasons, from increased durability to its unique shine. The first one, of course, is its distinctive shape, which immediately sets it apart from others with whom you will share the happy news.

Appears Larger: Because the table (top) of the stone is elongated, it appears much bigger than a round or oval-shaped diamond of the same weight.

More Affordable: Emerald-cut diamonds are less expensive for several reasons. There is less demand for them and less waste produced when cutting.

Variety of Shapes: The rectangular or square shape of the emerald cut diamond is available in various widths and lengths. 

Versatile Settings: Like most other diamond shapes, these diamonds work with various setting styles, but we recommend you keep them simple. 

Finger Slimming: The emerald cut's elongated shape helps make the fingers look more slender. (Think about wearing clothing with vertical stripes!)

Unique Sparkle: These diamonds have fewer facets, or angled surfaces, which gives them a more subdued shimmer than some other diamond cuts. This makes them no less brilliant, and many prefer this look.

More Durable: The beveled corners of the unique shape make these stones much more durable. They are less prone to catching onto items like clothing or chipping over time.

What Are the Most Popular Emerald Cut Ring Designs?

Emerald-shaped diamonds love to take center stage in any engagement ring. Their size and unique shape set them apart, so a simple setting allows them to shine, quite literally. However, simple never means boring with these timeless gems. You have plenty of choices, from the classy solitaire to the shimmery band of the pave.

Solitaire: A single diamond set in a simple band that has been a classy favorite among couples for centuries

Pave: A band of small stones creates a luxurious, shimmering setting for solitaire diamonds

Side Stones: Accent stones usually found on the band of a ring

Three Stones: A large diamond with smaller stones on each side and said to represent yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Halo: A ring of stones around a larger center stone to enhance its brilliance

Hidden Halo: A ring of stones set below the center stone, usually to add sparkle from below

Best Emerald-Shaped Engagement Rings Styles 

You’ve read about emerald shaped diamonds and the many ways they can be styled into beautiful engagement rings. Now, you’ve decided that it’s the right choice for you. That’s great! We’ve listed the best emerald-shaped engagement ring styles below to help you pick the best one.

The Nelly

The Nelly features a solitaire emerald cut stone held by claw supports, one at each corner. The delicate band allows the gem to steal the show. You may choose a solid band or a pave band, depending on your tastes. The diamond shines a bit more bright because of the hidden halo beneath it with a pave setting. This hidden halo offers an incredible glint of light through the gem above for a beautiful sparkle.

The Hidden Halo Penelope

This hidden halo engagement ring has a bit more bling than The Nelly. First, the band features three stones on each side of the emerald-cut diamond. These add a beautiful visual element that doesn’t detract from the solitaire gem featured in the middle. Second, the hidden halo sits just below the outside edge of the diamond with a pave look, filling much of the space between the four claw supports. 

The Lindsey

For a bit more shimmer but a similar look as the Hidden Halo Penelope, consider The Lindsey. You’ll still see a signature center emerald-shaped diamond surrounded by a hidden halo among the prong supports. The most breathtaking difference is in the band, where both round and marquise cut diamonds share the stage. The much grander marquise diamonds catch more light which offers an incredible shimmer.

The Low Profile Kamellie

Whether you are busy at home or the office, You don’t have to sacrifice sparkle with The Low Profile Kamellie. The large center stone is supported by corner supports that share a hidden halo of gorgeous pave set diamonds. The band also shares space with a set of pave set diamonds, making for a brilliant but practical engagement ring for busy brides-to-be. 

The Pave Alex

If you have busy hands and are looking for a ring that will catch the light (and you don’t need a low-profile ring), you want to check out the Pave Alex. The hidden halo is a continuous band of pave set stones encompassing the claw supports that keep the emerald-shaped diamond towering above a shimmering band of even more pave diamonds. You’ll see this ring glimmer in the sun from the day you say “yes,” and beyond. 

The Twig

Uniquely styled engagement rings are becoming more popular, which is one of the reasons emerald-cut diamonds are also in higher demand. The Twig is a great option for those seeking a ring that matches their interests and distinct character. The branch-like band symbolizes adding to your family tree with subtle diamond accents that don’t detract from the real meaning of the design. Nothing could take away the brilliance of the center diamond. 

Is an Emerald-Shaped Engagement Ring Right for You?

If you are looking for an engagement ring just as multifaceted and unforgettable as your relationship, take the next step with one featuring an emerald-cut diamond. It’s one they won’t expect and will undoubtedly give friends and family something to talk about. 

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