5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Singapore Travel Itinerary

Singapore is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the perfect destination to spend your vacation. It’s clean, safe, and walkable. Moreover, the city has tons of attractions and activities tourists can enjoy during their stay. With so many things to see and do, however, travellers can be easily overwhelmed by the numerous experiences Singapore has to offer. Fortunately, having a well-made travel itinerary can help you curb your worries and allow you to enjoy your Singapore trip in the best way possible. Here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect Singapore travel itinerary:

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Singapore Travel Itinerary
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Make a List of Places to Visit

Singapore might be the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but it has a lot of tourist destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences that can keep you busy during your trip. However, even if you’re tempted to see them all, your time in Singapore is limited. To make the most of your holiday, it helps to make a list of places you want to visit. Having a set itinerary will keep you from straying away from your travel plans, minimising disruptions and inconveniences as a result.

When making the list, you need to keep the duration of your stay in mind. This makes the task easier since you can plot out what you want to do at what time. Even travellers who have layovers in Singapore can benefit from making a list. Since there are so many things to do in Changi Airport, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the attractions. With a little planning ahead, you can make your short stay in the country memorable and fun.

Having a list of activities eliminates indecisions and wasteful spending. This way, you’ll have the budget and time to visit all your must-see destinations and enjoy your trip without much regret afterwards. To get started, create a rough outline of where you want to go, and from there, specify daily activities for time efficiency. When you take control of your Singapore trip, you’ll be able to get to more places and have a blast.

Include Activities That Offer the Singapore Experience

Singapore has a lot of iconic destinations. Some must-sees include the Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion Park, the Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Island, and the beautiful Jewel Changi Airport, where you can visit some of the most popular Changi Airport shops and lifestyle destinations. Although visiting these popular attractions is one way to get to explore Singapore, sometimes trying out unique activities will help you get to know the city even better. 

Taking a bumboat cruise in Clarke Quay, for example, will send you on a relaxing journey through Singapore’s historic bridges and landmarks. Taking a trip to Kusu Island, on the other hand, will give you a chance to learn about Singapore’s local folklore while being surrounded by a handful of sacred sites like the Da Bo Gong Temple. If you are more of a foodie, however, there’s also the option to taste Singapore’s culinary history through a gastronomic food tour of the city’s famous hawker stands. 

You might also be lucky enough to experience some of Singapore’s festivals during your trip. Watch the locals race their dragon boats during the Dragon Boat Festival in June, or celebrate the country’s National Day in August. Including activities like these in your itinerary makes for a more enjoyable and satisfying trip.

Book at the Right Time

Just the thought of a Singapore holiday can put a smile on your face, but if you miss the perfect time to book your flight and lodging, it can jeopardise your trip. You may have to adjust your budget or change your entire itinerary. That’s why it’s important to book your trip ahead of time.

There are a lot of factors to consider to ensure a hassle-free vacation. For example, if your plan is to rest and relax, you should avoid going to the country when big holidays are being celebrated. Consider the weather as well. Avoid booking a trip during the wet phase of northeast monsoon season or risk wasting days when you can’t go outside. For your reference, this season is between November and January. 

Create a Breakdown of Your Expenses

Knowing how much you’ll be spending on your trip will give you a sense of security. Even if it’s just a rough estimate, having a ballpark number of your travel expenses will prevent you from overspending. List down the price of your airfare, lodging, and booked activities in Singapore to give you a realistic idea about the cost of your entire trip. From there, you can set a budget for each expense.

Give Yourself Time to Freely Explore

Having an itinerary will definitely help organise your trip to Singapore. However, sticking rigidly to your itinerary can rob you of unexpected and unique experiences as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to give yourself a day or two to freely roam around and explore Singapore without a set schedule. Simply walking around and taking public transportation without any destination in mind may surprise you. There’s a good chance that you will discover places and experiences you didn’t encounter while researching things to do in Singapore. Feeding your curiosity and being a little spontaneous can make your trip extra special. It can also provide ideas for future trips to the city.

Singapore has a lot of things to offer that can satisfy the goals of every type of traveller. For a smooth and enjoyable stay, heed these tips for arranging the perfect travel itinerary.

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