How To Make Caring For The Elderly Easier

Around 64% of people with parents over the age of 75 need to help their parents because they can not quite do what they used to in their younger years. If you are in this chapter of your life where your elderly loved one is in need of some assistance, but you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. 

How To Make Caring For The Elderly Easier
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We put together this guide to share our top tips to make caring for the elderly a bit easier and less overwhelming. 

Keep reading to see how you can help out. 

Care at Home If Possible

If it is possible, try to keep your elderly parents in their own home with a care provider that assists them or move them into your home if you have the space or an in-law suite. Having your loved one in a place they are comfortable in might make this chapter of their lives a little easier. 

Please only choose this option if it would work for your elderly loved one’s needs. Depending on their overall health and how they can manage day-to-day tasks, is a big contributing factor to whether you want to opt for at-home care. 

Respite Care

Another option is to opt for respite care services which is a short-term relief during the times that you are working and can not watch after your elderly loved one. The best thing about using respite services is that you can arrange it to be just once a week, a few times per week, or a few weeks at a time. Usually, you will be charged by the number of days you opt for care. 

Sometimes people go for this option because they want to try out residential aged care before they permanently move a loved one into a full-time residential aged care home. 

Safety Features

It is a good idea to make the home environment as safe as possible and also more accessible. Some things you can consider installing include shower seats, grab bars in bathrooms, ramps, elevated toilet seats, better lighting, anti-scaling devices in sinks and showers, etc.

Speak to your loved one’s doctor or physical therapist to see what modifications would benefit them the most. 

Encourage Socialization

Whether your loved one is staying with you, going to a center a few times per week, or moving into a care facility full-time, encourage them to socialize. Even if it’s just chatting on the telephone this can help their emotional and mental health.

If they do not have a large group of friends then find places where they can participate in activities and meet others. There are plenty of senior activities such as bingo, dance classes, book clubs, etc. 

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Speak with your elderly loved one about their finances because medical bills and care providers can quickly add up. Talk about the financial resources they have available to support their expenses such as retirement savings, pension plans, Medicaid, etc. 

Come up with a plan to help them out financially if they need it. Sometimes they will have to move into a smaller place that fits more within their budget, or they might qualify for certain government assistance programs to help with prescriptions or utility bills. 

Help With Errands

Unfortunately, as people age it is more difficult to manage daily tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Find ways that you can pitch in with these day-to-day tasks. You can go grocery shopping for them or order the groceries and have them delivered to their home if they aren’t living in your home.

If they can no longer drive themselves around, set up a driving service or give them rides to their medical appointments, post office, stores, etc. Nowadays, you can also set up an account on a rideshare program like Uber and add funds so that they can request a car ride. There are specific programs geared towards the elderly as well such as SilverRide.

Ready to Care for Your Elderly Loved One?

With our top tips on caring for an elderly loved one, we hope you can make a confident decision when it comes to caring for your loved one. Make sure that no matter what option or options you choose you also take time to care for yourself. 

You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you are stressed, or feel resentment toward your loved one.

If you found our article helpful make sure you keep browsing this section for more tips. 

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