The 2023 Bridesmaid Trends Your Girls Want to Wear

If you are still looking for your 2023 bridesmaid dresses time to locate the ideal gowns for your special day is running out as 2022 comes to a close. Your choice of bridesmaid dress colour will be one of your first considerations. In order to discover the ideal outfit for your closest friends and family members, you may want to focus your search. We at Cetims are experts in making bridesmaid dresses, so we've done our research to find out which colours are likely to be popular in the coming year. So, whether you are looking for Cetims prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses or mother of the bride outfits, here are the shades that are set to blow up next year:


Terracotta Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most popular shade trends of 2023 will be rich, vibrant terracotta shades. Like many shades within the orange family, a terracotta colour wedding radiates warmth and happiness. Additionally, it exudes sentiments of nurture and excitement and communicates joy, energy and enjoyment – the exact vibes you need for a wedding. In 2023, terracotta will be widely used because people are getting more in tune with nature and are loving neutral tones that are naturally found in the earth – think the terracotta shades of the desert. This shade is most popular in the autumn months due to its rich warmth that is mirrored in the leaves at this time of year. 

Terracotta pairs well with a number of different shades. A classic combination is with other neutral tones such as beige, browns and ivory to create a natural, rustic look. If you are looking for a more feminine, romantic feel, pair the shade with a pale blush pink shade. 

Of all the long terracotta color satin bridesmaid dresses available on the Cetims website, the Attie dress shows off the colour perfectly. The dress has a mermaid-shape skirt that highlights your bridesmaids' curves, while the off-the-shoulder, flowing style is flirtatious and feminine. For outdoor weddings, this light design is ideal since it will allow the dress to flow beautifully in the mild wind. Consider complementing this style with cascading bouquets that flow with the material.  

Black Color Dresses

Black bridesmaid dresses are understated, classy and elegant. It should go without saying that black is timeless and flattering for everyone. However, black has traditionally not been a popular wedding colour, until recent years when it has own dramatically in popularity. One of the best things about your bridesmaids and wedding theme being black is that it is very simple to match the shades across your décor and dresses as black is generally universally the same, compared to other colours that may have slightly different undertones. This is especially helpful if you are considering mix and match bridesmaid dresses as it means dresses can be bought from different shops and still match perfectly. Additionally, black bridesmaid dresses can be worn again by your bridesmaids for formal black-tie events, so that they do not go to waste. 

As a shade for bridesmaid dresses black is flattering to all skin tones and looks great on all shapes and sizes. Due to its depth of tone, it is slimming in nature meaning that your bridesmaids will feel confident when wearing them. The shade goes well with every metal for jewellery and décor, making it easy to tie into your venue. 

One of our favourite black colour combinations is black and white- which offers a classic, sleek and elegant look that will never go out of style. Black against a white wedding dress will really make the wedding dress stand out – meaning that the bride is always the centre of attention.

The Cetims Ora dress is a great dress to wear in black due to it’s sleek, minimalist and clean design. This mini-length, plain dress with thin spaghetti straps is understated and demure – leaving the bride to be centre of attention on her big day. This dress is perfect for any season and can be glammed up with some statement jewellery for a bolder look. 

Rust Bridesmaid Dresses

Next up on our list is rust bridesmaid dresses which have grown in popularity in recent years and are set to become a real trend in 2023. Rust tones are also a great shade to match every type of skin tone and hair colour meaning that if you have bridesmaids with very different looks, it is a great option. Rust is most commonly popular in the autumn winter months due to its deep tones; however, it also looks beautiful during spring and summer weddings with vibrant yellow, orange and red flowers to brighten it up. 

The shade pairs well with a number of different metallic shades such as rose gold, bronze and gold for that added touch of glamour – this could be in the form of jewellery, shoes or even wedding décor for the tables. In recent years, dried pampas grass and flowers have increased in popularity, and a rust tone paired with these looks simply perfect. 

The shade is a bold choice without looking over the top, and exudes confidence, passion and fire – perfect for a hot romance. 

The rust dresses of Cetims are some of the most popular on the site. One of our favourites in this shade is the Jennie Dress. The dress boasts a traditional sweetheart neckline, which has been a favourite for bridesmaids for decades and is expected to remain so. It is drawn in at the waist by a thicker strip of fabric, and your bridesmaids' curves are highlighted by ruching across the hips and bust. Your bridesmaid will feel safe and supported on your big day thanks to the dress's full lining and floor-length length, making it a firm favourite.

The Take Away

There are many bridesmaid dress colour trends that we are likely to see on the covers of magazines in 2023. What is most important, however, is that you find a shade that you love as they will be in your wedding photos forever. That’s why Cetims is a great option as we offer each of our many different dress designs in over 60 different shades – ensuring that you find the right one for you. 

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