Popilush's Mission: Highlight What Women of All Shapes Love Their Bodies

Today we're going to talk about our bodies and how important it is to love them, in addition to choosing the right pieces to wear regardless of how they are. For that, let's talk about some Popilush items that give us that strength and make us more and more beautiful. Come on?

Before starting to show the pieces, I want to let you know that regardless of how you are, you can use and wear any piece, because you need to be fine with yourself instead of caring about other people's opinions. So love yourself first and be happy with what you want.

The one that improves your bodies

So, to begin with, our recommendations say that Popilush comes to the market thinking about women who need comfort and showing that your body is as important as showing who you are. 

Here we are going to know the dress with built in shapewear, which are beautiful, can be worn in different places and still show off everything you have. In addition, it will define you like no other, showing your body modeled and with a comfortable look.

Which, in addition to leaving you with a super defined body, shows you how you can love your body in a classic way that only values what you already have.

So, if you are looking for a dress that completes a look just by using it and modeling it in the best possible way, this is the choice. I remind you that there are 5 colors available, which are the colors: pink, red, gray, brown and black.

These colors are wonderful, because if you need it you can have more than one to match different shoes and even jackets to complement the look. I always say that these dresses are easy to wash and also have a very nice material that makes them comfortable and doesn't make it difficult to open them when necessary.

You can also tell from the image that the dress has a beautiful fit and because it has straps, it leaves the bust visible and marks the defined curves of the body very well. Remembering that this is a dress that models, so regardless of your body it will leave the fit in the best possible way.

Those who value you without losing the sense of love

Now let's talk about pieces that are the key to enhancing your body every day and that leave it defined and how you would dream for your day to day. 

And for this we can talk about the loungewear bodysuit, which are different, but can be combined with everything! Remembering that there are many more than the ones I'm going to show here and I chose essentially two to talk about, because I'd love to show you more than one possibility for you to use.

For this special ocasion I reccommend the Square Neck Short Sleeve Thong Bodysuit that has a square collar that leaves all the charm for the composition. It looks like a T-shirt at times, so if you want to wear it with a skirt or even leggings, you'll get a good reception. And so it shows everything you have, valuing everything in the best possible way in different styles.

It is available in two colors: black and a greener tone, but you can combine both with more striking and neutral tones. Of course, your choice will depend on the location and event you are participating in.

This bodysuit leaves my body defined and also leaves your silhouette in a very striking way, I confess that it is also comfortable and offers wonderful support even for those with larger breasts.

In addition, it is very common in everyday life, so you can even use it to train at the gym, which I confess will be a good choice that gives you sustainability and beauty at the same time.

Here we have too the Contour Long Sleeve Square Neck Bodysuit, which, like the bodysuit above, will have a square collar, but which has an exceptional longer sleeve for winter days. This one will also show everything your body has and still make you comfortable for those colder days.

It also has two colors, but in this case we will have the color brown and black which makes it much easier for the choices of looks, since they can be used with any color to match. And it has six available sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

Unlike the bodysuit above, it doesn't compress too much, but it models to the point of getting your body in the best possible shape. This is a benefit as you can breathe and move much easier than others on the market and with incredible support.

Therefore these pieces are the most varied and that show the value that your body can have and let you feel even more in love with your body.

Dresses and bodysuits that help you get the body of your dreams 

Now let's talk with some more shapewear dress and also some other items that I think are simply amazing that they sell at Popilush and that I recommend for those women who love their bodies and want to make them even more defined and comfortable for any occasion. Apart from these pieces, they will help you to have the body of dreams that help us feel beautiful and comfortable.

Here we have the Built-in Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses that have three shapes available which are the long sleeve dresses, strapless dresses and medium strap dresses. This dress leaves you with the dream body and still values you where it is needed, thus giving a special touch to the moment. The collar is square and manages to make the breasts more hidden, it only manages to leave a very soft neckline.

It has a wonderful fit and has five colors that you can have them all in your closet. As you can see in the image, it defines the body a lot and because it has 3 different types, it can be a key piece for the composition of several looks, whether with longer dresses as well as compositions with shorter dresses.

With its super tasty fabric, the dress will bring softness and also comfort to your day. It also leaves your body super shaped and just by the photo you can see that the model is wearing it and being calm even with a heel.

It is suitable for festive days like the new year, even for everyday life as it has a simpler character and colors that are suitable for any day. It also has six sizes ranging from S to 3XL. Thus, you can choose the one that stylish suits your style.

Now if you want a piece that will further secure your body and make you look sexy and have the body of your dreams is the Sexy Lace Deep-V Neck Bodysuits. It has three different models and you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Considering that they have a more sexy feel, they can be used on a daily basis and can also be left on display when going to a club, for example. With this you show your body with all the best it has. And you can still combine with a jacket and leggings, for example.

And to finish the post today we have this product for everyday use, but that also values your body. The name is the Soft Modal Lounge Midi Built-In Shaping Slip Dress, which in addition to being a medium dress helps to define the hips.

It has wonderful support that doesn't make you uncomfortable and therefore leaves you with the body of your dreams for any event. It has four available colors that are black, pink, orange and gray, in addition to having several sizes, in total seven, ranging from XS to 3XL.

I hope that these choices help you to value what you own even more, regardless of your body and that they help you choose the best piece for what you want.

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