Keswick: Fun Facts, Popularity, and Location

Are you looking for the perfect holiday or weekend getaway in the UK? You must have heard of the Lake District’s Keswick. This splendid town has so many things to offer all year round. Why not pay it a visit with your partner, friends, or family? If you wish to know more about it, get to know Keswick in this article by Inn On The Square down below. 

Keswick: Fun Facts, Popularity, and Location
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Fun facts about it

If you ever wondered what the word Keswick means and where it comes from, know that it’s believed to come from Old English and to translate as farm where cheese is made. You might not know that the w in Keswick is silent. As a result, you’ll pronounce it Kez-ik, emphasising the first syllable. 

Painting the picture

The beautiful town called Keswick is surrounded by famous Lake District mountains like Catbells, Skiddaw, and Blencathra. Sitting right next to Derwentwater Lake, its town centre boasts a high street of independent chain shops, art galleries, and museums. 

You can also visit great attractions and eat there. This gorgeous town is popular throughout the year. This means you can visit Keswick in any season and always have a great time. The town is just five minutes away by car from Bassenthwaite Lake, so you shouldn’t miss out. 

Why is it so popular?

The town of Keswick simply has it all – the breathtaking scenery that the Lake District has to offer, its very own lake,  famous mountains that are close to it, and both indoor and outdoor activities. It boasts a buzzing atmosphere as you’ll never run out of things to do there. What’s more, Keswick is easily accessible, so you won’t have a hard time finding it. 

The town is well-known for its market which takes place every Saturday throughout the year. When walking in the pedestrianised town centre, you’ll find many stalls that sell everything you can think of – from food and clothes to garden ornaments and home d├ęcor. 

What is it famous for?

Simply put, Keswick is famous for its location. Being surrounded by the wonderful Lake District is enough to make people feel relaxed, at peace, and impressed – all at the same time. Keswick is also known as the adventure capital of the UK as it provides a wide variety of amazing outdoor activities.

If you’re into that, consider paying Keswick a visit when you have the time in order to enjoy hiking, kayaking, cycling, and ghyll scrambling. The town is also famous for its connection to the well-known poets Robert Southey and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the Keswick Convention, the stone circle of Castlerigg that’s nearby, and the World’s Biggest Pencil. 

How do you get there?

Keswick is located in the North Lakes. You’ll probably have to go on the M6 to Penrith, then head west to take the A66 for around 16 miles. You’ll soon see Keswick, as the town is signposted really well. A longer yet rather scenic route is through the South Lakes, via Kendal and Windermere, for a more picturesque road. 

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