7 Sweater Outfits to Make You Look Younger

Aging is not a negative aspect of life - it is just a part. And even if we accept the aging process as we should, some of us may want to feel as fresh and young as we can. Updating our wardrobe is an easy way to do that.

Sweaters are necessary in any wardrobe, and women’s sweaters come in various sizes. Some styles may be associated with an older generation, but plenty of others can keep you looking young and on-trend. Here are a few sweater outfits and styles to keep your wardrobe up to date. 

Sweater Vests

While sweater vests have often been associated and in style with older generations, particularly men, they have made a comeback with younger generations. Throw them over a pair of funky jeans, and you will fit right in with generation z. You don't have to wear a shirt underneath - perfect for warmer weather. When it cools down, add that shirt back underneath!

Cropped Sweaters

Generation z has taken fashion cues from the early 2000s! These mini-cropped sweaters were in style in 2003 but have since made a comeback with younger generations. Grab a few of these in various fun colors, and you will instantly look ten years younger. You may like them so much that you need to buy them wholesale. Sweaters like these can also be unbuttoned and worn over tank tops and other shirts.

Crochet Sweaters

The handmade crochet sweater has also made a comeback. While these can look like your grandma made them, anyone can wear them and look fresh, youthful, and colorful.

Bright Colors

Women tend to drift away from bright colors and funky patterns as they age. If your goal is to look younger and more refreshed, maybe add more patterns and colors to your wardrobe! A bright pink sweater like this will help warm up those colder months, and your younger sister or daughter may even start begging to borrow it!

Funky Patterns

Monochrome outfits look fresh and youthful - especially with a young and bright pattern like this. This cloud sweater would look sharp with skinny white jeans or oversized cargo pants.

Oversized Sweaters

Women may often feel pressured to wear form-fitting clothes to show off their figure, but that way of thinking is the opposite of what the younger generation has adopted! The oversized look is young and chic and instantly updates your tired sweaters. Women's sweaters are even created to be intentionally oversized at times, so you can stick with your normal size and still achieve the look. 

Preppy Sweaters

Generation z may not seem like they would be into layering sweaters with collared shirts like their older counterparts, but the preppy look is a hit! Instead of wearing a fitted sweater with a collared shirt and pants, grab an oversized button-down to wear as a dress and top with an oversized sweater. Tennis skirts are very popular with this look as well. 

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