Why I need Wifi When I Travel?

Why Must I Have Wifi When I Travel?

Hey netizens! I think I can’t live without wifi especially when I travel or in the foreign land. You know staying connected wherever I go is something very important for me especially when I travel alone for my work trips. Be it for work or holiday, it is important that I always know where is my next exact destination, how to get there; check and reply my work emails; communicate via whatsapp, wechat and of course update my social media.

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Why I need Wifi When I Travel?

In the countries where I am not able to speak their local language, therefore wifi on the go is a must where I need to google and search the information to move around or find the attraction spot. 

samurai wifi, visiondata, pocket wifi malaysia

There are so many reasons why I need wifi when I travel. How about you? Do you rely on public wifi, hotel wifi, buy local sim card with wifi connectivity, rent a pocket wifi, or use roaming services?

There are so many options right, as for me relying on public wifi is not convenience some country the public wifi need to login or need to have a local number; if I rely on hotel wifi then I can only access when I in the hotel or around the vicinity; buy local sim card with wifi connectivity sounds not too bad but I have to look for it; roaming service could be quite expensive; rent a pocket wifi is my choice at this moment.

samurai wifi, visiondata, pocket wifi malaysia

On my recent trip to Singapore for Asia Fighting Championship I am glad that I had Samurai WiFi with me throughout my whole trip. It’s hassle free and reasonable pricing also. For Singapore the rental is RM25 per day with 500MB quota per day.

3 days before my trip all I booked the pocket wifi on Samurai WiFi website and on the day of my trip I picked up the device from the airport (KLIA or KLIA 2) and when I reached Singapore airport, I on it, login and tadah! I got my wifi already.

It’s so much easier and economical using pocket wifi when I travel. Plus I can share the wifi with my friends. Not only, I’m able to connect the wifi to my handphone, but also my tablet and laptop up to 5 devices or friends. After my trip, all I have to do is return the device at the airport before heading home. 

samurai wifi, visiondata, pocket wifi malaysia
Samurai pocket wifi

Overall, the Samurai pocket wifi is reliable, fast and pricing is reasonable too. It makes my trip more fun and smooth, where I’m able to share my photos and do live updates; search for interesting locations and communicate with my friends and family.

For more information and booking of Samurai Wifi and Visiondata, please visit their website at www.samuraiwifi.com.my and www.visondata.com.my or contact 03-6211 0325

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