7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

Hey! Have you ever wonder how a bottle of face serum can be used in 7 ways and brings so many benefits to our skin. Well today I am going to share about the 7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP. It’s the essential skincare regimen that we all should know and adapt; the first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin.

7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP
7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

Well last year we reviewed about THE FACE SHOP THE THERAPY First Serum and indeed we love it and still using it till now. In order to get the best results or benefits of the skincare we have to use it the right way and the most important is consistency. There is no point you purchase a great skincare but you only use it like on and off. I am here to remind you again and again… there is no ugly women only lazy ones. So don’t be lazy lazy okay.


THE THERAPY First Serum fit in perfectly to my face paced lifestyle especially when I travel, i don’t have to bring so many skincare. THE THERAPY First Serum not only enhances hydration and balancing the skin, it also helps to rejuvenate and boost the glowing radiance of a healthy and flush skin. It uses sea water blending formula similarly creating the French Thalassotherapy water that uses rich mineral, blue algae that contains high anti-oxidant. This European recipe has 100 years of tradition.

7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

Ever wonder how a bottle of clear face serum can be used in 7 methods? Check out the 7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum in my video below

Let’s start! Here are the 7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum works:

1. As the first step of skincare
Make THE THERAPY First Serum as the first step of your skincare regime. Immediately after you cleanse your face (before toner) you dab THE THERAPY First Serum all over your face and neck to recharge your skin and boost the efficacy of the next skincare.
2. As the 7 skin layering technique
If you want more hydration and glowing boost, try to pat 7 layers of THE THERAPY First Serum on your skin. Yes! repeat step 1 for 7 times and immediately you get the Korean type of porcelain and dewy skin. This is actually Korea’s popular 7 skin method for chok chok plump and glowy skin. Over time, skin stays hydrated longer and become more even toned.

As Exfoliation: THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

3. As an exfoliation
THE THERAPY First Serum comes with a pack of THE THERAPY Green Tea Cotton Pads. This is not any ordinary cotton pads, it very precious to me because there are 2 sides, the slightly green side contains fine milled natural Jade particles and green tea powder on one side that help to gently buff away the dead skin cells and impurities. The other side of this cotton pad is soft fluffy for toner and makeup remover.

THE THERAPY First Serum & THE THERAPY Green Tea Cotton Pad

Just pump THE THERAPY First Serum into Green Tea cotton pad and gently wipe from the center to the outer corner of the face for mild exfoliation. No more dead skin cell and skin tone is more even.


4. As a mask
I have been doing this when I travel, THE THERAPY First Serum got so many usage. It’s a mask too! Just soak the sheet  mask with THE THERAPY First Serum, lay it onto face for 20 minutes for a super charged hydration boost. Wootz! I am ready to glow!

5. As a mist spray
This is very useful for me when I travel. I will pour THE THERAPY First Serum into a mist bottle and spray it as and when I need it to refresh throughout the day.

As Aroma Therapy Treatment: THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

6. As aroma therapy treatment
This is a stress relieve too, just spray THE THERAPY First Serum on a warm damp cotton face towel, press onto face, inhale deeply for 5 times and relax. The soothing essential oils like lavender will calm and relax mind, body and soul.

7. As a stress reliever
After coming back from a long and stressful day all wish rest and unwind. So after I cleanse my face I will do a face point massage to relieve the muscle tension. Just pat THE THERAPY First Serum onto face, cup hands over nose and mouth, inhale to relax. Then using the middle finger, press for 3 seconds at each point. Follow the pressure point sequence below starting from chin. Repeat 3 times. Simple as that, not only it helps me to relax but also sleep better.

Alternatively, just damp the cotton pad with The Therapy First Serum and place it on both cheeks and forehead for 2 to 3 minutes. It is an effective way to relax tired and dull skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Beauty Review: 7 Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum by THE FACE SHOP

After using THE THERAPY First Serum for more than a year there is lots of improvements on my skin in terms of overall hydration, radiance and skin resistance. I will continue using it because its work wonders on my skin. You should try it too. It’s the first serum after you cleanse your face and prep your skin to absorb the rest of skincare nourishments.

THE THERAPY First Serum delivers instant hydration boost, anti-ageing care, rejuvenating the skin’s vitality and creating the optimum balance of moisture, transparency and suppleness. It also lightly exfoliates giving the glowing complexion. You will be amazed by how wonderful you look and use of this First Serum.


Hey! In conjunction with the relaunch of THE THERAPY First Serum, THE FACE SHOP Malaysia is lending hand to support MAKNA (National Cancer Council) to raise fund and general awareness.

The Therapy First Serum retail selling price is at RM148.29 inclusive of 6% GST and when you purchase in the month of September and October, 2017 you will get another bottle for FREE. In conjunction with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, for each bottle sold, RM15 proceed will go to MAKNA. Plus you will receive a BERMAKNA coin pouch too.

This CSR program is available at all THE FACE SHOP stores, Nature Smart store, The Face Shop online store and Hermo in Malaysia.

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