Is Chartering a Private Jet Likely to Overtake Business Class Travel as the Most Popular Method of Executive Travel?

Chartering your own plane for business use seems so very extravagant, and very ‘Howard Hughes’ doesn’t it?

And perhaps it was just 10 years ago, but not today. More and more businesses are finding that chartering their own flight just makes ‘plane’ sense (apologies, that was awful) and here’s why…

Whether you’re an executive flyer or tourist flyer, you often have to endure a long journey to the airport, parking, endless security checks, waiting in lounges, other passengers (yes, it’s true, we don’t all relish the close proximity of strangers being foisted upon us – even in business-class!), the food and, of course, the dreaded wait for your luggage.

By contrast, taking a charter is simple, easy and fun.  Arriving at the airport closest to you (often a smaller, private one) just before the take-off time of YOUR choice is smoothness in itself. No security check queues or waiting lounges for you – you just head right on board – with your luggage.

None of your time is wasted. The plane is taxing as soon as you’re in your seat, where, using any device you wish, you can link with the onboard WIFI (throughout the trip) and get down to work in comfort and privacy. And without interruption. This works particularly well when holding meetings, especially if the meeting is of a sensitive nature. Staff are incredibly professional and attentive. You are paying for that, and they know it.

Arriving at the destination of your choice, your hire car is waiting – engine idling. And don’t worry if your meeting over runs or you get caught in traffic heading back to the airport, the charter takes off when you get there.

But will it take over from business-class travel as the most popular method of executive travel? I suspect not. Charter flights are fast and efficient. They’re a fantastic saver to time and make business trips super hassle-free.

There is a surprising number of them in the UK, some offering great deals on empty leg journeys, and the demand is growing. But they come at a price. Unlike commercial airlines, charter flights don’t shoot off full of return passengers when you arrive at your destination, they sit on the runway and wait for you to come back. 

This is costs money. And is why charter flights can sometimes cost up to three times as much a commercial flight. At the end of the day, I guess you get what you pay for, but I know what I’d go for given the choice.

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