Three Affordable & Fun Hobbies to Encourage Your Children to Participate In

Whilst children are growing and discovering what their interests are, it can be daunting to get them involved in hobbies as they often come with lots of added costs. However, there are plenty of ways to help your child develop with a fun yet affordable hobby. Here are three great examples of hobbies your children will love that won’t break the bank. 

Painting and drawing

Kids are known for their vivid imaginations, so getting creative with paints and pencils is a great way for them to express themselves. It’s the perfect way to pass the time, especially on a rainy day, and encourages your child to learn skills such as patience, concentration, and attention to detail. Poster paints and pencils are a great start for your children, you could even use scrap paper to save money and wastage on new sketchbooks.

Your child is bound to create a lot of artwork that you’ll want to cherish, although there’s not always enough space around the house to keep them all. Here are some basic drawing guidelines for your kids. There are apps such as Art My Kid Made which is a practical way of storing all the wonderful drawings and paintings that your children have created. 


If you’re looking for a hobby to keep your children fit and active, skateboarding is a fantastic combination of fitness and fun. Skateboarding provides a great cardio boost with little equipment needed. Being a skater also encourages your children to meet new people and hang out with their friends outdoors and away from the television. 

You can get your child started with a beginner skateboard, pads and a helmet for safety and skateboard shoes. Specially designed skateboarding shoes, available at Skate Hut, have flat, grippy soles which help to keep your child’s feet on the skateboard and land their newly learned tricks. 


Most fruits and vegetables we buy from the supermarket are packaged in plastic which seems to confuse children about where they think their food comes from. For example, studies have found that over a quarter of children don’t know that carrots grow underground.

Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and plants are a worthwhile hobby that both parents and children can enjoy together. Seeing and learning where our food comes from is highly educational for the children and can also be an inexpensive hobby. The best part is you can easily find the equipment at an affordable price at All Green Nursery.

Although a garden is ideal, it is still possible to set up some seed pots and herb gardens in homes where there is little room for gardening. If you need to upkeep your garden, do check out the expert

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