4 Beauty Crazes Became Popular in 2017

Must Know! The 4 Beauty Crazes That Became Popular in 2017

Trends change on a regular basis and it is hard to keep up with the newest and latest beauty crazes that are broadcasted all over the web and social media by celebrities and others. This article will highlight some of the greatest beauty trends of 2017, leaving you with plenty of time to try them out before the year comes to a close.

Must Know! 4 Beauty Crazes That Have Become Popular in 2017
Must Know! 4 Beauty Crazes That Have Become Popular in 2017

1. Laser treatments for everything

It seems that having laser treatment to reduce signs of aging has become so popular that there is no laser treatment for almost anything. From tattoo removal to using a laser to skin resurfacing, there seems to be a laser treatment available for almost anything. 

One of the most popular of laser treatments is for hair removal. Whether you are tired of shaving your legs or you all of a sudden have pesky hairs growing in places that you don’t want them to grow, laser treatments can zap the hair follicles preventing the hair from growing back. There are many great reasons to get laser therapy and with new technology, the procedures are quicker and less expensive than ever before.

2. Anal bleaching

Made popular by the Kardashians, this beauty procedure has taken mainstream culture by storm in 2017. For those who have an interest in looking their absolute best in all areas, anal bleaching has become a procedure to try. 

Some choose to go to a professional to have the treatment completed but if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a microdermabrasion treatment or you don’t want to visit your dermatologist for such an intimate procedure, consider doing it on your own at home. There are now DIY kits available that are cost effective and provide the same results. You can get more information at www.analbleachingguide.com.

3. Arts & crafty nails

It seems that every year there is a new trend when it comes to decorating one’s nails. Having a fresh manicure can be a sign of high social status and prestige as it can be quite expensive to have done regularly by a professional. The most popular designs created by nail artists in 2017 consisted of using gems, crystals, or other high end jewels to add to a colorful nail bed. 

In fact, some that choose to get their manicure done with swarovski crystals can expect to pay thousands of dollars for the procedure. If this sounds like something you want to try but you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on your manicure, there are more cost effective ways to get similar results. Check your local beauty supply store or craft store for nail wraps that can give you a similar look for 95% less.

4. Using milk in your skincare routine

It is no secret that “milk does a body good” and so people have started to use the dairy product in a topical manner on their skin. World renowned makeup artists such as Bobbi Brown now offer a milk nourishment serum that can be applied to the skin to help rejuvenate tired and dehydrated complexions. While a small bottle of serum will cost you over $85, it does last a while and you will notice a softer, healthier looking complexion.

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