Guardian New Concept Store

Guardian Malaysia New Concept Store @ Sunway Pyramid

Hey! Recently we visited the one of the Guardian’s new exclusive concept store at Guardian New Concept Store Shopping Mall. This is their fourth and latest of its concept store to enhance our shopping experience. The store is located on Lower Ground of the Mall, the store boasts of stocking a wide range of make-up brands, including ten (10) new ones; offering an exciting mix of top Korean, Japanese, Indonesia and local makes. Let’s check it out.

Guardian New Concept Store
Guardian New Concept Store

Wow! I was impressed as I walked in and discovered so many new brands, new gondolas, new display units and also so I love the bright and white lighting that makes every picture and swatches look perfect.

Guardian New Concept Store
The new brands such as Beauty People (Korea), Elle 18 (India), Feeblin (Korea), LB Cosmetics (Japan), Kiss Me Ferme (Japan), Pixy Cosmetics (Indonesia), Sea N Tree (Korea), Sugarbelle (founded by Malaysian boutique owner Belle Yahya), TOV from (Korea), and VT Cosmetics ( Korea)

When you go there make sure you check out all the new cool and cute brands especially the makeup side. I think I spent some time there admiring all the new brands, playing with the colors and also their cute packaging so adorable. I want then all.

As for makeup most of the new brands are from Korea and Japan with decent affordable price, good quality and trendy packaging. Some of these products have a long history in their respective countries and are trusted and favoured brands back home. 

The new brands such as Beauty People (Korea), Elle 18 (India), Feeblin (Korea), LB Cosmetics (Japan), Kiss Me Ferme (Japan), Pixy Cosmetics (Indonesia), Sea N Tree (Korea), Sugarbelle (founded by Malaysian boutique owner Belle Yahya), TOV from (Korea), and VT Cosmetics ( Korea).

I am sure some of you might have spotted these brands or even bought them when you were traveling overseas. I saw VT cosmetics when I was in Korea and regretted that I did not buy their collagen cushion it when I was there. But now thanks to Guardian, I can buy VT cushion here in Malaysia already.

Guardian New Concept Store

Do you know that Guardian Sunway is the first to stock Sugarbelle, a local make-up brand, founded by renowned boutique owner Belle Yahya. The Sugarbelle range of product includes lipstick, rouge and others.   

Besides, it is also a breeze to browse the aisles as these products are displayed in a clear makeup bay that offers a greater shopping comfort. The new concept store which boasts brightly lit product displays will help ease product selection. 

Guardian New Concept Store

Plus we can easily pick up the stock / product that we want to purchase. For the cosmetics side, the products are actually behind the tester; all you need is gently pull out the drawer and you can find them or alternatively look for the sales assistants.

Guardian New Concept Store

Besides makeup, there are also an extensive range of skin care caters for different types of skin and needs including those who seek gentler products or who have sensitive skin.

The skincare range has been further divided into three segments. These are natural and organics, featuring brands like Sukin and Skinfood; derma skincare brands such as Avene, Eucerin, Uriage and Bioderma; and a long list of popular brands for sensitive skin.

What I like about the new concept store is that there are dedicated place for us to try and experience the products. That excites me because before I purchase any makeup or skincare I would like to test the texture, scent, color and effect on my skin first; especially for the new brands and products. Full product testers are also available at the skincare counters.

Guardian New Concept Store

As much as beauty is important, health is also a vital factor in our daily lives. The Health Care section has been redesigned to enhance our shopping experience with easy on-shelf navigation, and educational signage that will be added on by end of the month. These educational signage would allow us to look out for the right products according to our needs.

Last but not least, the Sunway Pyramid store’s dedicated Vitamins Corner offers a range of Guardian brand of vitamins for adult and children, which are of high quality and at prices we will love.

Happy Shopping!

Guardian New Concept Store

For more information about Guardian Malaysia New Concept Store, please visit Guardian Malaysia Facebook and Website

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