Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Going green and being healthy are seeming to become a new trend. However, you do not have to reconstruct every part of your daily life altogether. You can start to make a difference in your life and others by changing some of the products you use every day.

Little boy holding a plant

Reusable Water Bottles and Water Filters

Water filter for your fridge and water bottles

Everyone drinks water, (at least everybody should!) but many people still go to their sink for drinking water. In doing so, they are exposing themselves to many potential chemicals and contaminants. Which include but not limited to, chlorine, copper, and odor. 

These can be easily avoided by using a water filter either for your refrigerator or even using a filter for your water bottle. When we use filtered sources of water and reuse water bottles, we can help the environment and our pocket! In support of clean water sources, check out and donate for cleaner water around the world.

Cleaning Dishes

Dishes that have just been cleaned

I'm sure all of you enjoy the splendid task of washing dishes...and sarcasm! When cleaning the lovely dirty dishes that stack up in our sink, most of us would use dish soap to clean them. Some of the name brand soaps that we use day to day contain a variety of chemicals and non-biodegradable cleaners. 

Reusable Alternatives

Do you know how hazardous single-use products can be? There is a tremendously dangerous impact on our environment every year because of millions of discarded single-use items. So that's why we should be more eco-conscious before buying any single-use product. The ideal way of escaping from those kinds of items is switching reusable products. For example, you can ditch the usage of single-use cotton swabs and switch to LastObject's reusable swabs.

Bamboo is a versatile plant that can be used to create everything from flooring to paper. Organic bamboo toilet paper is better for the environment and its users. This toilet paper is biodegradable, so it won't harm the earth or emit toxic chemicals or nasty odors. It is also an environmentally friendly as it takes less energy to produce than conventional toilet paper.

Tending to The Garden

A mother with her two children tending to the garden

Ah, the beautiful flowers and vegetables that we grow and eat are often treated with harmful pesticides. These chemicals do their job, but it does come at a cost to our health and the health of other animals and insects. The consistent use of these pesticides is one of the main reasons why you do not see as many bees anymore, and it's causing a reduction in the bee population. 

At what point do we consider the risk involved when producing these plants with too many chemicals. Thankfully, there are alternatives to them, for example, you can use a mix of vegetable oil and dish soap and even a garlic mix that will deter bugs from your wonderful garden.

Applying Eco-Friendliness to Every Part of Your Life

People of the world coming together to be more eco-friendly

When you make the 'eco-conscious' switch, you can appreciate the fact that you are making a difference. No matter how small the scale or if it only affects one other being. It's still a noble and respectable attribute that everyone can learn and implement into their lives. 

If you found this article insightful or helpful, please share with others that could benefit from this lifestyle. Showing the coming generations that treating others and our planet with respect is something we all can do collectively to improve the quality of life of all.

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