4D3N Bali Skin Health Retreat Workshop with Cetaphil Experience could be yours

Take a deep breath, imagine yourself on a retreat in Bali ahh…. and suddenly all your stresses are gone. Now back to the reality, do you want a 4D3N skin health retreat worth RM15,000 at Karma Kandara Bali? More than just a relaxing retreat, Cetaphil is putting together an educational workshop that is fun yet eye-opening.

Last year, they had one in Philippines which looks just as exciting. This year Cetaphil continues to inspire women to be confident in their own skin through experience skin experts and a life goal coach.

Sounds so exclusive!

Skincare has always been something very important to me. I never go to bed without moisturizing my face, hands and legs. Otherwise I find it a little dry the next morning. Sigh… the dilemma we ladies have.

So imagine my reaction when I heard about this contest. I get to have valuable lessons from experts and all it takes are 3 simple steps? Yes!

Here is how you can win the Cetaphil Experience 2016, 4 days 3 nights skin health retreat in Bali. Don’t wait do it now because procrastination is the thief of time.

Win 4D3N Skin Health Retreat to Bali via The Cetaphil Experience 2016 Contest

All you need to do is only these 3 simple steps:

 Steps to Win 4D3N Skin Health Retreat to Bali, The Cetaphil Experience 2016 Contest
 3 Steps to Win 4D3N Skin Health Retreat to Bali
The Cetaphil Experience 2016 Contest

Step 1: Purchase a minimum RM30 worth of Cetaphil products from Guardian Malaysia outlets or Guardian e-Store.

Step 2: Logon to http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilExperience Submit what skin insecurities you have and how the Cetaphil Experience can help you to overcome them. Fill in your details and your receipt number, for online purchase please provide your transaction number.

Step 3: Submit and you stand a chance to win 4D3N skin health retreat at Karma Kandara Bali that worth RM15,000.

Contest Duration: 26th May till 1st July, 2016.

Prizes: Besides the 4D3N skin health retreat in Bali that worth RM15,000, there are 2000 RM5 Cetaphil vouchers and 8 Cetaphil hampers worth RM250 each to be won too. So all the best!

Achieve healthy skin and skin confidence from head to toe by using Cetaphil products. I have tried some of Cetaphil products such as the Gentle Cleansing Bar,  Moisturizing Cream and Cetaphil UVA / UVB Defense. Overall I love it because it’s very gentle and at the same time protect my skin. Cetaphil is a gentle, effective and affordable skincare for the whole family. 

For more details plus terms & conditions of The Cetaphil Experience 2016 Contest please visit Cetaphil Malaysia Website at http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilExperience

Check out their other social channels as well:
Website: http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilWeb
Facebook: http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilFB
Instagram: http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilIG
Twitter: http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilTW
YouTube: http://bit.ly/KellyCetaphilYT


  1. Great prizes to be win! I personally love cetaphil though.

  2. Cetaphil is my true life companion! It's such a good product for sensitive skin! I've been using their products for 3 years. :D

  3. This is nice! Best time for me to try Cetaphil I guess

  4. Bali!! I have sensitive skin so I guess I should try cetaphil. Would be great if I could win the grand prize too!

  5. Tried cetaphil before, nice product! Time to top up my moisturizing cream and win their grand prize!

  6. You raped my Bali fantasy withing a second...hahhhahhha best of luck to the participants!

  7. i like their products too! agreed with you that they are gentle to the skin. hope i can win the contest!!!

  8. woah 4D3N to Bali?! I wantttt!

  9. I've tried cetaphil but i think it's way too mild for my skin. It didn't really do much to my skin. :<

  10. Its my very first time get to know about this brand. Will check this out and.. may I know is it available in whole Malaysia state? ^^"""

  11. havent try before but this is good chance to those are using it now..

  12. How exciting.. I like Cetaphil.. need some extras now since there is a chance to win a trip to Bali too... huhuhu... I so want a trip to Bali...

  13. I have never get a chance to try cetaphil products but I knew that they have a good rate! The contest ia thrilling!

  14. waaaa this contest is worth to join! Never try cetaphil product before, but it was really good for eczema skin user =D It was really gentle!

  15. I never try Cetaphil product's but there are a lots of good comment on their products. I will try out their product next time so that I can take pat into their contest next time.

  16. I'm gonna check out for this ^^ My skin is quite sensitive , maybe it works to skin

  17. Never try cetaphil product before but i heard it is very good for sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing the contest. Good luck to those who join the contest

  18. Bali, Skin Health and Cetaphil this combo is so so good! All the best to the participants. May the best win!

  19. that's a great promo only RM30 can win a trip to Bali, why not, definitely will join


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