Izeara Extravaganza Body Serum

Hey! I was introduced to this Izeara Extravaganza Body Serum few weeks ago by my friend and decided to give it a try. Basically this is body firming and slimming serum. Well with all the Ramadan food reviews previously and also the Buka Puasa gathering coming soon, this body serum came in the right time to boost fat burning during my workout and keep me in shape.

Izeara Extravaganza Body Serum

Izeara Extravaganza Body Serum come in a plastic bottle that can easily fit into my gym bag. As mentioned earlier it’s body firming and slimming body serum in gel texture and water base. It absorb very fast into our skin and leave a smooth and comfortable finishing, no sticky or oily at all. There is a mild refreshing lemon grass scent.

Izeara Extravaganza Body Serum texture and color

The unique about this serum is that when we apply on our body it gives a slight cooling sensation. The usual body slimming gel or cream that I have tried gives the warm and heat sensation, sometimes can be very uncomfortable especially during the hot weather like now.

According to the description, this body serum can boost fat burning more than 15 times faster. I really hope it does. Anyway I apply it before my workout session so that the body serum can boost the fat burning and firm-up my flabby parts. We can apply the body serum 3 to 5 times a day for better results. I usually apply it before my workout and bedtime.

Overall, I applied the Extravaganza Body Serum every day at least 2 times a day for about 2 weeks I can gradually see the firming result. As for the slimming part I can see that the bulges on my tummy are slightly fattened but not completely gone. I guess it takes time to tone and firm. After apply the cool serum is quite comfortable, no excessive sweating, sticky or oily.

Price: RM149
Promotion: RM109 (limited offer)

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  1. Wow! A fat burning serum. Now I know your beauty and slim secret.


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