Stay Fit and Healthy Throughout Ramadan

Salam Ramadan to all my Muslim friends, readers and followers. Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan, Muslims across the world fast during daylight hours in the holy month of Ramadan.  In hot climate countries such as Malaysia, the heat and humidity could take a toll on the body. Fatigue and dehydration can set in easily.

Stay Fit and Healthy Throughout Ramadan
From left: Host Nazrudin Rahman, Mr Mohd Khairul Affendy @ Ayon (popular sports celebrity in futsal), Sazzy Falak, Puan Hajjah Umil Kalthom (Guardian Malaysia’s own pharmacist and store manager), Farahani binti Failul Rahman (Guardian’s Assistant Manager, Public Relations and Government Relations) and Host Sheahnee Iman Lee

Recently Guardian Malaysia joined forces with popular celebrity guests to share insights and tips on staying fit and healthy throughout Ramadhan and the Raya festival that follows. The theme of the panel discussion “Ramadan Murni, Penampilan Berseri” aims at  raising awareness  on how to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle during  month-long fast.

Sazzy Falak shared about her eating habits during Ramadhan

The sharing session was hosted by Nazrudin Rahman and his wife, Sheahnee Iman Lee or better known as Naz and Sheahnee, the panel included Guardian Malaysia’s own pharmacist and store manager, Puan Hajjah Umil Kalthom and Assistant Manager for Public and Government Relations, Puan Farahani Failul Rahman. Lending additional glamour to the event was well-known actress, TV presenter and entrepreneur all rolled into one Ms. Sazzy Falak, and popular sports celebrity Mr. Mohd Khairul Effendy @ Ayon, a leading name in the game of futsal.

Puan Farahani Failul Rahman, Assistant Manager, Public Relations & Government Relations from Guardian Malaysia shared about the Guardian’s campaign for Ramadan with the theme ‘Ramadan Murni, Penampilan Berseri’

Puan Farahani said: “Guardian, as Malaysia’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, has made it a policy of empowering our Muslim customers by highlighting the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle throughout this period, through a variety of activities such as this exclusive sharing session.”

Puan Hajjah Umil, one of Guardian’s senior pharmacist said during her presentation: “It is important to keep in mind that dramatic changes in eating habits can affect the way our body breaks down the nutrients and affect the metabolic rate. The change in eating habit may negatively impact your health and the way you look.”

“Therefore, eating right is important during the fasting month. And this can be easily achieved with proper planning and care,” she added.

In conjunction with Ramadan, Guardian has lined up a comprehensive and wholesome range of festive promotions available at all Guardian stores nationwide. These include selected vitamins, supplements, beauty products, pain relievers, deodorant, perfume, personal care products as well as skin and hair care products. Selected promotions are also available on Guardian’s online store.

For more information about Stay Fit and Healthy Throughout Ramadhan, please visit Guardian Malaysia Website

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