New Densifique Treatment Review

The scalp is the source of sublime hair. Its skin, noble and delicate, requires the same attention as the face because it contains a hidden treasure, the hair follicle. This is where hair is born. Recently I tried the Kerastse New Densifique Hair Treatment at Miko Galere, Pavilion KL. Densifique, a professionnal scalpcare to encourage the care of ever more beautiful hair at it’s source.

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New Densifique Treatment Review

Well hair thinning, degraded substance and fibres can be the signs that our scalp that has been affected by time, environment and free radicals. The new Densifique can reveal a new dimension of hair thickness. 

Kerastase New Densifique scalp and hair care products for men and women

It is a scientific and sensorial approach of custom haircare uses formulae that meet the different requirements of women and men.

These are the Kerastase New Densifique scalp care products that I used for my treatment ~ Kerastase Peeling Purifiant, Bain Densité Bodifying shampoo, Masque Densité Repleneshing scalp mask and Densifique Hair density and fullness programme

Scalp and hair analysis before the treatment

I had my scalp and hair analysis before the treatment. I have dandruff, sensitive scalp. 

Kerastase Peeling Purifiant

The first step, he apply the whole tube of Kerastase Peeling Purifiant, 25ml all over my scalp, gently massage and then leave it for 5 minutes. After that, wash my hair using the Bain Densité Bodifying shampoo.

Masque Densité Repleneshing mask

Next is start to treat the scalp using the Masque Densité Repleneshing mask. Apply all over the scalp, massage and then leave it for 5 minutes also. Then rinse the mask with room temperature water.

Densifique Hair density and fullness programme

The last step is to regenerate by applying Densifique Hair density and fullness programme. The texture is like liquid, very fluid, transparent and it absorb very fast into our scalp. When applying the serum on the scalp I can feel the light heat sensation for a while only after that its back to normal. To see the desirable results apply 1 vial every day for a period of 3 months for morning or evening, to dry or towel-dried hair. This is a leave in serum so don’t have to rinse.

After Kerastase New Densifique Scalp and Hair Treatment

Then blow dry and I am ready to go. My soft, fluffy and has more volume plus my scalp looks really clean without dandruff after the treatment. After the mask I did another round of scalp analysis, no more dandruff and the scalp is cleaner.  Densifique brings nutrition, as well as immediate protection, by coating hair with a light covering to target thinning hair.

To maintain a healthy scalp and prevent hair fall plus improve hair growth not just salon treatment, we also need homecare products such as Bain Densité Bodifying shampoo, Masque Densité Repleneshing hair mask and the Densifique Hair density and fullness programme.

Densifique the first hair density activator from Kérastase was created in 2013 after 10 years of research. In 2016, Kérastase develops a new approach inspired from Glycobiology, the science of glycans. It has been awarded seven Nobel Prizes for its knowledge breakthrough advances.  Luxurious hair is achieved through cell activation, setting new boundaries in hair density.

For more information about Kerastase New Densifique Products and Treatment, please visit Kerastase Malaysia Facebook and Website

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  1. I always have my hair done at the salon every 5-6 weeks. I have memories of feeling very light-headed DIYing it at home! So cute that you guys match!


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