Party Under MEX Highway @ Madhouse KL

For me going to a new and unique place like this with bunch of friends really excite me. Good company, beer, music, cool spot and shisha too, what’s more I can ask for a Saturday night out? We were at Madhouse KL x Asahi Live Band Tour. You know that night we actually party and chill-out under the highway, yes literally. As you can see the concrete beams above us is the MEX Highway there is no wall, on the 1st floor there is no wall, only the steel railing.

Party Under the Highway @ Madhouse KL x Asahi Live Band Tour

Have you been to such bar before? It feels a bit underground and curious right. I like this feeling. The Madhouse KL is a constructed directly under the MEX highway. Can you imagine the roof is the highway and the one of the side is overlooking the alley “lorong belakang” of a row of shoplots.

Madhouse KL x Asahi Live Band Tour

Actually the location is up and coming hipster spot, it’s next to IKEA Cheras. Another reason to relax after a hectic day of shopping and walking in IKEA you can chilled and enjoy your shisha while thinking or discussing about your home décor stuff. Or it’s this is a nice place to stop over for happy hour with colleagues before heading home. For us, Saturday night party and handout with friends with cool music is perfect.

With bunch of happy friends 

If you are new to the area Waze can guide you there, just key in Madhouse KL. You will see a row of trees with colorful neon light and Madhouse KL is on the same row. It is a two storey bar cum shisha spot. There were also some special individual rooms on the ground floor for shisha.

Asahi beer om promotion for that evening

The first floor is where the Asahi live band performance. Only for that evening, since it was Asahi Live Band Tour so there were special promotions for Asahi beers. For Big Bottle of Asahi, 3 bottles for RM60.00, 6 bottles for RM110, 9 bottles for only RM150.00 and come with free snack. So dai right!

This is the 1st floor, look carefully the roof is under MEX highway and there is no wall 

There were large crowd on that evening, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and yum seng. The band played a mixture of music, some English, Mandarin and also Canto-pop to cater for the large crowd preference. I saw some even sing along when it comes to their familiar or favourite songs.  

Asahi Live Band Tour @ Madhouse KL

It’s an open air concept however there are lots of fans so it’s not hot, no stale air or suffocating. If you plan to go there, do dress comfortably and try not wear too sharp or high stilettos because you have to climb up the steel staircase to the 1st floor. 

We like the popcorn chicken 

It’s a casual sports and shisha bar so go there to relax, unwind and enjoy reasonable price drinks with friends. The bar also served some snacks too, I tried a few and so far the popcorn chicken is the best.

Do you want shisha?

As for shisha, they have many flavours for you to choose from ranging from RM13 to RM18 per time. I think it’s quite reasonable price at a bar. Well, Madhouse KL quite well known for its shisha among those who stay or work around this area. Almost every table has at least two to three shishas. Our table got 2 shisha as well.

Overall, I quite like this hangout place. It is unique, casual and love the ambience too. The drinks also quite reasonable, a small bottle of beer starts from RM10 at normal price. I bet they have happy hours and promotions too. and when I showed the photos to some of my friends they are excited about this place and plan to go this weekend.

Madhouse KL
Jalan Nicholas, Taman Maluri,
Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For more information about Madhouse KL, please visit their Facebook Page


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