Snack Healthily During Ramadan with Amazin’ Graze

With unpredictable traffic in the city, have you ever had a critical moment during the fasting month when come to break fast time you are still stuck in the traffic jam. Hmmm… no choice you got to break fast in the car. Of course drinks, kurma and some snacks to get you through before you reach your destination or next stop for a proper meal. Instead of eating foods that are high in sugar or fried snacks that will make your body feel sluggish, why not opt for healthier alternatives?

Snack Healthily During Ramadan with Amazin’ Graze

Artisan healthy snack provider, Amazin’ Graze offers healthy local favourites to keep taste-buds happy and waistlines safe during the festivities. Its 100% natural snacks are high in protein and complex carbohydrates that can satiate for longer and give the body maximum nutrients. This Ramadan, Amazin’ Graze introduced 5 new mouth-watering flavours all conveniently packed and available for delivery straight to homes or offices, in both retail and subscription sizes.  

Amazin’ Box Ramadan Edition

Amazin’ Box Ramadan Edition consist of:
Satay Lemongrass Nut Mix, 40gm 
Rendang Coconut Nut Mix, 40gm
Sticky Pudding Granola, 50gm
Pandan Skinny Cookies, 50gm 
Rose Skinny Cookies, 50gm 

Amazin’ Box Ramadan Edition is RM24.90. There are also opportunities to enjoy 50% off the first subscription box, so you only pay RM12.45 per box.

Amazin’ Graze will be running a "Eat Healthy During Ramadan” campaign from 30 May till 3 July with contests, health tips and free subscription giveaways. To purchase and for more information about Amazin’ Graze please visit their website at


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