Toy Travel: Around The World with Rilakkuma

Hey! when you travel do you carry your favourite toys along, take photos with your favourite toys, selfies and wefies. I noticed some did; it so cool lah. This is so called as Nui-Dori or more commonly known as Toy Travel. It's trending in social media now, sweeping the world off its feet. Nowadays we see many people carry their toys wherever they go, travels, café hopping, restaurant, gym, spa and etc. So do you want to have this Rilakkuma as one of your Toy Travel? Is so cute, cuddly and you can take so many photos with Rilakkuma. 

Toy Travel: Around The World with Rilakkuma

Here we were at the fun fun fun party at Whup Whip Café in Subang Jaya for the Around the World With Rilakkuma and Canon.  I love the idea of incorporating Toy Travel in our photos when we travel. I add lots of cuteness to the photos and also create the topic of conversation.

I wish to go to the real beach holiday with these lovelies, hey plus our Rilakkuma too

The theme of the party is beach holiday. When I arrived I was so happy to see so many bloggers dressed according to the theme, including myself. I was in my flower sundress, hat, slippers and of course my sunglasses. Fit into the theme right, I wish I can go to the real beach holiday with all these lovely bloggers but meantime this party was great to have a little bit feel of it.

Rilakkuma & Canon EOS M10

We took lots if selfies and wefies with the Rilakkuma, aww… I want to bring home the giant Rilakkuma, can??? I also took a selfie with the new Canon EOS M10 because it’s part of the game during the party. To be honest I don’t really get the chance to try out the camera so I can’t talk much about it. However the camera design and outlook looks sleek to me, especially the white one. Wish to be able to try and travel with the Canon EOS M10 too. It's just my wishful thinking only...

Selfie moments with Rilakkuma, me want to take you home!

Well, let’s talk a little bit more about the current Toy Travel trend. It is the art of photography where toys are imitate life. You can find it all over the social media, it’s pretty common that people add creativity and fun into their everyday adventures with their preferred toys. 

Rilakkuma... can we go travel together? But how to fit you in my luggage ah???

With the Toy Travel in the photos will definitely make it more memorable as well. Such as from a figurine looking at the desserts, in a bowl of cereal, to a stuffed toy strapped into an airline seat, become your companion when you are eating or travelling alone and so many more. And now with the Canon EOS M10, they are empowered to share stories of their travels and adventures through high quality photos.

Congrats to all the winners at Around the World With Rilakkuma and Canon party

For more information about Around The World with Rilakkuma and Canon, please visit Canon Camera Malaysia WebsiteFacebook Page and Instagram 

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  1. Wish I could get that giant Rilakkuma! I love it so much!


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