Ways to Prevent Body Odor

Due to the hot weather nowadays we tend to sweat more than usual. So do you encounter any body odor problems when you seat? I am conscious about this matter because it’s kind of embarrassing. Hmmm… underarm odor, smelly sweat, foot stench, sebum odor and damp-odors are mostly attributed to sweat. Here are some of the ways you can prevent it.

Ways to Prevent Body Odor 

Well, sweat consists of 99% water and by itself is odorless. However, sweat from Apocrine glands includes albumin, fat and ammonia becomes pungent when it contacts with bacteria on the surface of the skin. Armpit and foot areas are crowded sweat glands, thus various bacteria propagate easily.

There are a few ways to prevent body odors such as regular shower, change clothes or socks, keep the areas dry and clean and also use deodorant. Not all deodorant work some can last for a few hours and some makes it worst.

QB Medicated Deodorant Cream 

Recently I tried this QB Medicated Deodorant Cream that helps to prevent the propagation of bacteria and reduce the bacteria responsible for producing body odor to prevent them from combining with sweat.

It comes in a simple and small plastic packaging of 6g each. The texture is balmy in white color and odorless. Ensure that skin is clean and dry before applying. It may be difficult to achieve a high deodorant effect if QB Medicinal Deodorant Cream is applied on sweaty skin as it may combine with the sweat and the bacteria which have already colonized on the skin.

QB Medicated Deodorant Cream Application

Apply an adequate amount on the areas, about 5mm in diameter of cream to the whole underarm area or to the soles of the feet in particular between the toes. It’s recommended to apply it once or twice per week but you can apply again when bothered by odor. The natural extracts are gentle on the skin therefore you can use it daily. It gives a matte finishing, not sticky and does not leave any whitish residues.

QB Medicated Deodorant Cream Application

It contains O-Cymen-5-OL compounds that sterilize and disinfect the bacteria which cause body odor. It’s free of fragrance, chemical colors, paraben and aluminium. Kindly take note, avoid using on the sensitive part of the skin such as a face or on mucous membranes. Please make sure to apply only on the underarm or sole where sweat glands are concentrated. Do not use right after using hair remover or on any area with skin troubles such as scratches, eczema or swollen areas.

If there is any redness, swelling, itchiness, inflammation or other symptoms of the skin, please stop usage immediately. It is highly recommended to see a dermatologist or other specialist.

Ensure that you keep it away from the eyes and mouth. If the cream comes into contact with the eyes, do not rub but instead wash away with water or warm water. Avoid using before and after childbirth, before and during menstruation and during or after illness.

Overall the QB Medicated Deodorant Cream does helps to prevent body odor and reduces sweating. It has long lasting deodorant effect due to being resistant to sweat and water. 

Content: 6g

Price: RM39.90 for 6g

QB Medicated Deodorant Cream is now available at selected Watsons stores and also Tokyoninki Website 

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