Imedeen Classic Review

Hey! Let’s talk about beauty now. It has been a while since I post or blog about anti aging or beauty oral supplement. Actually, you know right I believe beauty comes from within. What you eat and your lifestyle have a lot of impact and effect on our skin and health. I am a beauty enthusiast, so besides the regular skincare products that I use daily I also not forgetting to take my beauty supplements everyday. Have you try Imedeen before? Actually Imedeen is the very first oral skincare supplement brand that I have encountered and tried during my 20s. Here is my beauty journey with Imedeen Classic.

Still remember previously I posted up that I am embarking my beauty journey with Imedeen Classic here. Time flies, now is already 3 months and I feel that my skin and vitality has improves gradually.

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen

Imedeen Classic Review
Imedeen is a very long established in the market. I remember I the first time I encountered Imedeen tables was when I am 20 plus, time flies am now am in my late 30s. When I was young I used to take my mom’s precious IMEDEEN Classic tablets. Sometimes she will make a fuss of it because she thinks I am too young to start taking oral skincare supplement that time… hahaha. But recently I have learned that our skin start to aged when we hit 20 plus.

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen

The packing is hygienic whereby each tablet is sealed separately in aluminum foil strip. Each box contains 60 tablets. Recommended to take 2 tablets per day with water. I suggest to take the tablet with plain water instead of juice or other beverages. When you are taking Imedeen supplements make sure you drink lots of water and take it after your meal.

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen, imedeen tablet

There is a slight fishy taste, don’t worry it’s very mild only more over its in tablet form so the moment you pop into your mouth and swallow it down with water. So fast that I don’t even notice any fishy smell or taste after the 2nd week.

Some brief information, Imedeen Classic is the original skin perfecting formula featuring the exclusive Biomarine Complex working to nourish and improve skin from within. Taking just two tablets a day enhances skin quality and optimizes moisture levels in just 12 weeks. Imedeen skincare tablets in an internal skincare that work below the surface of the skin, from within, to help create smooth, supple and beautiful skin. Imedeen works in the deeper layers where topical creams and lotions cannot reach, to improve the skin’s overall quality, structure and appearance.

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen

At the beginning. I started taking Imedeen Classic at night I feel a little heaty. So I begin to wonder what causes this. After the first week, I try taking it after my breakfast with a glass of room temperature water. Then everything back to normal, no more heatiness. Because during the day I drank a lot of water which is good for my body. So after that I continue to take it in the morning instead.

Well, after consuming the three boxes of Imedeen Classic, I can feel and see the improvements not only on my skin but also my lifestyle and metabolism. Of course, it obvious that my skin dullness and uneven skin tone has improves a lot. I can start seeing the glow and radiance after the first box. Then gradually the dry line and fine line around my neck, eye areas and laugh line is less visible.
Every morning I woke when I looked into the mirror, I smiled and feel great. That is my daily motivation and confidence. My skin hydration and moisture gets better, you can see my skin is a bit plumped up. My make up stays longer and blends better into my skin.

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen

One main thing that I would like to share is that I feel more energetic after taking Imedeen. Usually after work around 8pm I get tired and sleepy but now I can feel I am still alert. And I am enjoying this, it makes me feel young again. Imedeen not only helps to moisturize the skin on my face only but its whole body. The rough and dry skin around my elbow, knee and and heels gets softer and less less. My hair now not so dry and frizzy anymore, not sure it’s because of Imedeen or the Brazilian Keratin Treatment that I did. Overall, I see positive improvements, feel and look younger after three months. If you thinking to try 1 box you can't really see obvious results, need ro take it consistently for at least 12 weeks to see the improvements.  

Please take Note: Imdeen Classis does not contain lactose, gluten, added sugar or gelatine.

Precautions: If you are allergy to seafood or other marine products, you should not take Imedeen Classic. Pregnant or lactating women should not take any supplements unless recommended by your doctor or health professional.  

Imedeen Classic, beauty, oral skincare supplement, imedeen, imedeen ingredients

Ingredients: Biomarine Complex 105mg; Acerola Extract 30mg (equivalent to Vitamin C 7.5mg); Zinc 2mg (as zinc gluconate 15mg); silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate).

Content: 60 tablets @ 22.5g

Price: RM188 per box


  1. I have been looking for it. Guardian pharmacy has stopped carrying it and I am at my wits' end looking for it. Any idea where else to source for it please? Thanks

  2. You can order from me if yiu are still interested. New packaging

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