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Philips, Philips Innovation That Matters, ideas, safer cities, healthy homes, #meaningfulinnovation

I urged you to Stop Complaining & Start Contributing! If you dream of having a safer cities and healthy homes please contribute your ideas and suggestions to Philips Innovation That Matters to You. Through this program Philips will listens to real needs of Malaysians by gathering all the ideas submitted. Then, Philips will partner with local stakeholders to develop innovations that can help to improve Malaysians health and well-being. By this way, hopefully we as a nation can we can create a safer and livable country and lead a healthier lifestyle #meaningfulinnovation

I have submitted a few of my ideas for Safer Cities and also Healthy Homes. You too can do the same. Because your innovative ideas can help Malaysians everywhere live in safer cities and healthier homes. Learn how you can make a difference. What are your ideas for building safer cities and healthier homes?

Philips, Philips Innovation That Matters, ideas, safer cities, healthy homes, #meaningfulinnovation

Just head over to this link to submit your ideas. You can choose Healthy Homes or Safer Cities category. Login via Facebook or Twitter. After you have submit your ideas you can share it on your social media platform and gather votes. You can submit as many ideas as you like. 

Your ideas should be:
Realistic - it must be practical to implement.
Sustainable - it should demonstrate long term viability.
Benefit many, not a few - the more people it benefits the better your chance of having your idea implemented.

Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more.

Here is one of my idea for Safer Cities
Self defense classes - I suggest that companies should send all their employees to self defense classes. School should have a more intensive self defense curriculum for the students as well. I know in bad times, self defense knowledge does not guarantee our safety. But at least is better than becoming helpless during emergency, hopefully with these skills we can defense or protect ourselves from further injuries. I would like to take up intensive self defense class if possible.   

Hey! did I tell you there is a contest going on at Philips Innovation That Matters to You. If your idea is shortlist by the panel as one of the top 6 you will be rewarded as well. There are prizes worth a total of RM5,000 to be won. These are the awesome prizes up for grabs.

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Grand Prize for Winning Idea
1 unit of Philips Viva Collection Airfryer
1 unit of Philips Viva Collection ME Computerized Electric Pressure Cooker

5 Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries
1 unit of Philips Living Colors Bloom Black
1 unit of Philips RaGa MP3 Player

Under this Philips Innovation That Matters to You program, all your ideas submitted will be collected and sifted through by a panel of Judges which includes Philips, agensi inovasi Malaysia (AIM) and university putra Malaysia (UPM). The panel will shortlist six (6) selected ideas for public voting based on practicality and sustainability and the winning idea will be implemented by Philips Malaysia together with the public and stakeholders.

Philips, Philips Innovation That Matters, ideas, safer cities, healthy homes, #meaningfulinnovation

Philips would like to help build sustainable and livable living and working environments, promote healthy eating habits, active aging and personal - and childcare and establishing affordable and accessible healthcare systems and effective ways to dealing with chronic diseases. 

This Philips Innovation That Matters to You program is to deliver innovations that matter, innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. Philips will work together, partner with individuals, communities and other stakeholders to combine insights with expertise, technology with funding, to deliver meaningful innovation that make a real difference in helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

For more information and latest updates, please visit Philips Malaysia Facebook Page and Philips Malaysia Website

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  1. One of the benefits of air fryers is that it makes the grilled food healthier. By not victimization oil to heat and cook the food, it lessens the have of the meal.


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